Get ready for the upgrade

Step 1

Download SC Mobile app

Log in to your Standard Chartered Mobile app and you will be prompted to register.


Step 2

Login with your username and password

Login with your username and password.
Step 3

Register SC Mobile Key as instructed

Set up a new 6-digit PIN.
On-going Login

Authenticate login by clicking “Approve”

6-digit PIN is available for approving future transaction
Step 1

Click 'To allow us...' under Personal Details *.

Step 1 of register or update email address on Online Banking.
Step 2

You can review your mobile number in our record

Register or update your email address by clicking ‘edit’ under Contact details.

Update your mobile number by completing the following change request form. You can update other contact information (e.g. email address) with same form and let us know in one-go