One-Stop Financial Management Tool

By consolidating your mortgage, deposits and credit facilities with BusinessOne, you can enjoy great savings on interest payments, flexible financing and convenient cash management.

  • Interest earned from your BusinessOne deposit account will offset your mortgage interest payments
  • Savings from mortgage interest payment can pay off the loan faster
  • Make use of the surplus fund in your BusinessOne deposit account as a pledge for trade facilities
  • Enjoy preferential rates for trade facilities
  • Manage and access your money anytime, anywhere

Unlike conventional mortgage facilities, BusinessOne enables you to earn interest in your BusinessOne deposit account at the same rate as your mortgage, providing you with complete flexibility.

Enjoy preferential rates and Trade Facilities

Use the fund in your BusinessOne deposit account as a pledge to obtain a trade line of credit. The pledged deposit will still earn interest# at mortgage rates, to offset your mortgage interest expenses. Secure in the knowledge that a pledge is always available, you have the added advantage of making the best use of your assets for better returns.

# The maximum interest earned for your BusinessOne deposit account cannot exceed the amount of interest charged on your mortgage loan account in each particular month.

Maximum Flexibility

You have total control over your capital and complete flexibility as and when your business needs arise.

That is why making BusinessOne your major operating account is a really smart move. You can deposit your income such as sales proceeds, into your BusinessOne deposit account, to maximize mortgage interest savings. It is this kind of superior flexibility and remarkable returns for your working capital that set BusinessOne apart from other financial services.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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