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SC Mobile Related FAQs

SC Mobile App FAQs

  • Given that your banking information is available on the lite login screen after registration, we advise you not to share your device with anyone. We strongly recommend you protect your phone with a passcode. For more security, tips on how to ensure the safety of your device, please go to the link –

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  • SC Mobile is supported on iPhone 5S or later models with iOS 11/+; or smartphones with Android 7.0/+.

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  • Please call our Standard Chartered Service Hotline for assistance, and we will assist you ….

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  • You can use your existing online banking username and password to log in. We’ve made sure, for simplicity and convenience, that you don’t have to remember another set of username and password to use SC Mobile.

    If you don’t have an online banking account, you can register instantly on your desktop/laptop computer at

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  • SC Mobile is all about you so naturally, you can personalize your SC Mobile experience by changing the names and icon used to represent your bank accounts.

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  • “Home” lists out the transactions that have already been posted to your accounts and forward-day transactions that you set via Online Banking and SC Mobile.

    “Transfer and Payment History” lists out the transfers and payments you have scheduled/made via Online Banking and SC Mobile and their status.

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  • Deposit accounts, MOA accounts, SC credit cards, loan accounts and mortgage accounts – 90 days.

    MANHATTAN cards – up to last 2 months’ statements and billed transactions.

    From 1st login day to 30th login day, deposit account and MOA account transaction history for past 30 days will be available. Transaction history will be accumulated on daily basis from 31st login day onwards. A maximum of 90 days transaction history will be available.


    • Credit card/Debt Securities/Unit Trusts account balances and transactions are up to the previous working day
    • Securities account balances are up to the previous 3 working days.
    • HKD balances for foreign currency accounts and investment accounts are for reference only.

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  • Transactions made with your deposit accounts after 11pm or on holidays will be shown on “Home” from the following business day. Balance in corresponding Standard Chartered deposit account(s) will be updated immediately.

    Payments to/from your credit cards will be shown on “Home” after 1 or 2 business days.

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  • Yes, they will.

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  • You cannot remove payees through SC Mobile. You can sign into your account through online banking and remove the payee through there.

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