Review your investment profile to make the wise decision

“Customer Investment Profile” questionnaire has been enhanced. Please renew it to understand your risk profile.

Understand Your Investment Profile

Your investment objective, experience, financial situation and attitude towards investment risk are important factors that affect any investment decision you may make. Therefore, understanding your investment profile is an important step in making a wise investment decision.

We have devised a “Customer Investment Profile” questionnaire. The results will be available as you submit the completed questionnaire. You will get the results on your general attitude towards investment risks by reference to a classification of 6 Risk Profiles – namely (1) Risk Averse, (2) Conservative, (3) Moderate, (4) Moderately Aggressive, (5) Aggressive and (6) Very Aggressive. Taking into account your Risk Profile and your personal circumstances, you could consider a range of investment products that fit your own classification.

Classification of 6 risk profiles

You can complete the questionnaire by the following channels:

1. Complete the Online Questionnaire* via Online Banking

Complete the Online Questionnaire

* For best viewing experience, please use one of our supported browsers to complete the Questionnaire: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6 to V11, Safari V4W or Mozilla Firefox V3.5 to 3.6.

2. Complete the Online Questionnaire via Standard Chartered Mobile

Complete the Online Questionnaire via Standard Chartered Mobile

3. Download the Questionnaire

You may download the questionnaire, complete and submit it by post to P.O. Box 68383 Kowloon East Post Office. We will post the completed "Customer Investment Profile" and your risk profiling result to you in due course.

4. Visit a Branch or Call Us

You are welcome to visit your nearest branch and complete the "Customer Investment Profile" questionnaire in person with our staff. Alternatively, you can call any of our branches or your Relationship Manager to arrange completion of the questionnaire by phone.

Important Note:

- Investment involves risks. This webpage is for your reference only. It does not constitute any invitation or recommendation of any product.
- Having a "Customer Investment Profile" will be a prerequisite for investors and for us to assess suitability of all investment subscriptions / switch-in transactions*. Therefore, please remember to complete the questionnaire before investing to avoid any inconvenience.

*excluding securities trading and the transactions conducted via Online Unit Trusts.

Understand Our Investment Products

You should choose to invest in products that you understand and are suitable. You may find out more about our investment products via our website.

Investment Product Risk Rating Overview (For Reference Only)

Investment Product Risk Rating Overview
(The table above is for reference only)

Important Risk Warning & Disclaimers:

- Investment Product Risk Rating Overview (Overview) shows you the product risk ratings (PRR) for different product categories based on our quantitative evaluation of their respective price volatility, embedded leverage, secondary market liquidity, issuer / counterparty risk and contractual maturity.
- Content of this Overview is updated on a regular basis. PRR for each product category may be changed from time to time.
- This Overview cannot be used to assess the suitability of any individual investment product for you. You should not invest in any product unless you are satisfied that it is suitable for you having regard to your own personal circumstances, including your financial situation, investment knowledge and experience, investment objectives and horizon.
- This Overview is presented for your reference only and should not be considered as a buy or sell recommendation, offer or solicitation of any product.
- Investment involves risks. In the worst case scenario, the value of the investments may be worth substantially less than the amount originally invested (and in an extreme case could be worth nothing). For details of the risk factors of individual investment products, please refer to the individual product materials.

Know about Derivatives

This video covers the following areas:
  • Introduction to Derivative Products
  • Nature and Common Types of Derivatives
  • Usage and Application of Derivatives
  • Key Risks Associated with Derivatives


Risk Disclosure Statement

- Investment involves risks. The prices of investment products fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of the investment products may move up or down and may become valueless, and investors may not get back the amount they have invested. Past performance is no guide to its future performance.
- Investors should read the terms and conditions contained in the relevant offering documents and in particular the investment policies and the risk factors and latest financial results information carefully and is advised to seek independent professional advice before making any investment decision.
Investors should not only base on this webpage alone to make investment decisions. Investors should ensure they fully understand the risks associated with investment products and should also consider their own investment objective and risk tolerance level.

Note: This webpage does not constitute any offer, invitation or recommendation to any person to enter into any transaction described therein or any similar transaction. This webpage has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.

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