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Capture investment opportunities in the U.S. securities market


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U.S. Securities Services

You can now capitalise on investment opportunities in the U.S. with our Online Securities Trading platform, which provides you access to the world’s largest equity market, diversifying your investment portfolio with global exposure.



The waiver on account maintenance fee will be valid until further notice.

The complete list of charges can be found in Service Charges Booklet, charges may be subject to change.

Why choosing our U.S. Securities Services?

Low brokerage fees

Commissions from as low as 0.2%

Low minimum commissions

From as low as USD18 per trade

Fee waivers

Enjoy $0 trade lodgement fee, custodial fee and account maintenance fee


Along with the U.S. securities market, you can also invest in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen from a single account1
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Why investing in the U.S. securities market?

U.S. Securities Services operation practices and transaction arrangements
Eligible securities to be included

Equities securities and ETFs listed in NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), NYSE AMEX, NYSE ARCA and BATS.

Trading hours

Normal trading session from Monday to Friday
Summer trading hours (HKT): 21:30 – 04:00 on the next day
Winter trading hours (HKT): 22:30 – 05:00 on the next day

  • • Limit orders and Good-till-day (“GTD”) limit orders can be placed in 24 hours except 05:00 to 07:00 HKT.
Trading days

All U.S. trading days

Order types

For buy and sell orders, limit orders and GTD limit orders are accepted.

Settlement currency


Securities and cash settlement

Trade day + 2 days

Trade-related services
Securities brokerage

Online Banking and SC Equities: 0.20% (USD18 minimum brokerage for each transaction)

Third-party charge on fee for trading

SEC fee: 0.00051% on consideration (applicable to sell orders only, subject to change by SEC)

The complete list of charges can be found in Service Charges Booklet, charges may be subject to change.
Stock settlement-related services
Transfer-Out Fee (For US Securities)

USD100 per stock per instruction

The complete list of charges can be found in Service Charges Booklet, charges may be subject to change.
Nominee services and corporate actions
Collection of cash dividend

0.5% on dividend amount, minimum USD4, or dividend amount, whichever is lower

Collection of scrip dividend

0.5% on value of cash equivalent, minimum USD4

Collection of bonus shares

USD4 per collection

American depositary receipt (“ADR”) fee*

USD 0.01 to 0.05 per share

*Clients holding ADRs may be charged ADR fee regularly by the Depository Receipts Agent (the “Agent”) through Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”). The mentioned price range is for reference only and is subject to changes from time to time at the discretion of the Agent without prior notice. The final price range, frequency and timing of charging the fee is subject to final confirmation from the Agent.

The complete list of charges can be found in Service Charges Booklet, charges may be subject to change.
Account maintenance
Custodial fee


Account maintenance fee (semi-annual)


The complete list of charges can be found in Service Charges Booklet, charges may be subject to change.

How to start trading

Before you can begin trading, please submit a US Tax Form to certify your US Person Status before being able to place a trading order for US market. You may find the appropriate US Tax Form in the following website:

You can submit the form in the following ways:
Upload to our portal
Email us at
• Submit to any of our branches
Mail to Client On-Boarding Deposit Ops, 13/F Standard Chartered Tower, 388 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

For new securities clients, click here to open a securities account now.
For existing securities clients, you can start trading in just few steps as shown below.

Step 1
Log onto Online Securities Trading platform and click ‘US Market’ on the menu
Step 2
Start trading


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  1. Only eligible securities under Northbound Trading of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect are allowed.  Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect currently supports order placement over Securities Services Hotline only.
  2. Free real-time detailed quote entitlement will be based on your Banking Plans with the Bank.
  3. HKD1 will be charged for each SMS price alert.
  4. Each client is entitled to up to 200 free email price alerts per month.

Risk Disclosure Statement / Important Notes

Risk Disclosure Statement for Securities Services:

  • Investment involves risks. The prices of securities fluctuate, sometimes dramatically and the worst case may result in loss of your entire investment amount.
  • Past performance of any securities is no guide to its future performance. Investors should consider their own investment objectives, investment experience, financial situation, risk tolerance level and carefully read the Terms and Conditions of relevant Securities Services before making any investment decision.

For U.S. Securities Services only:

Key risks include but are not limited to below.
U.S. securities is subject to the laws and regulations of the U.S. Before you trade U.S. securities, you should be aware of:

  • The level of investor protection and safeguards that you are afforded in U.S., as U.S. securities would operate under a different regulatory regime.
  • The differences between the legal systems in U.S. and Hong Kong that may affect your ability to recover your funds.
  • The tax implications, currency risks, and additional transaction costs that you may have to incur.
  • The counterparty and correspondent broker risks that you are exposed to.
  • The political, economic and social developments that influence U.S. markets you are investing in.
  • The foreign exchange can negatively affect your value of investment.
  • U.S. markets may be subject to rules that offer different or diminished investor protection, which may expose you to additional risks.
  • U.S. suspension or restriction of trading, market conditions and/or the operation of the regulations of certain markets will make it difficult or impossible to effect certain transactions or liquidate positions. In such cases, you may face a higher risk of loss.

These and other risks may affect the value of your investment. You should not invest in the product if you do not understand or are not comfortable with such risks.

Important Notes of SMS/Email Communications:

  • Client is responsible for charges that may be imposed by individual mobile network operator (including but not limited to roaming service charges).
  • You will not receive a personal call to inform you of your order status if you have enrolled for SMS/ email order confirmation or placed your order through the online channel. Please use order status enquiry function to check the updated status of your order.
  • SMS order confirmation and price alert services require pre-registration and are subject to relevant Terms and Conditions.
  • The Bank gives no warranty as to the timeliness or reliability of the SMS/ email communications and shall have no liability in the event that the client fails to receive such communication.

Important Notes of Online Securities Trading and SC Equities:

  • The Bank will not be liable for any loss or damage to you as a result of making the Online Securities Trading Services available to you, unless the loss or damage is directly caused by our negligence or our wilful default.
  • For more details and the risks involved, please refer to the Securities Services Terms and Conditions or contact our branch staff.

Securities Terms and Conditions:


  • This website does not constitute any prediction of likely future price movements.
  • Investors should not make investment decisions based on this website alone.
  • This website has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.