• The Personal Loan Referral Campaign is a member-get-member campaign designed to reward existing SC clients for referrals.

    Clients who refer friends or colleagues to the bank for our Personal Instalment Loan (PIL) solution will be rewarded with funds credited to their SC account or vouchers, when the referral is successful.

  • How it works:

    Send an email – from your registered or official email address – to with the title ‘PERSONAL LOAN REFERRAL,’ and details (name, phone number, official email address and employer name) of the referred individual(s) in the body of the email.

    The Personal Loan options available to the referred are:

    • Fresh loan
    • Top-up loan: where the referred already has an active personal loan
    • Balance Transfer: where the referred has an active loan with a different bank

    Click here to view the list of eligible companies, whose employees can apply for a Personal Loan.

    Important points to note:

    A referral is only valid if prior to receipt of the referral email, the referred has not:

    • been contacted by a Sales staff of the bank for the same product
    • visited or contacted the bank to make inquiries about, or apply for, the same product
    • acted on (or applied via) a marketing communication sent to the individual for the same product

    Only successful referrals will be rewarded. A referral must be submitted during the stipulated period to qualify under this campaign.

    Only one individual will be rewarded per successful referral. For example, if two or more individuals submit the same referral which turns out to be successful, the referral received first will be the only one rewarded.

    Only individuals with successful referrals will be contacted.

    Please note that a referral is deemed successful after processing of the Personal Loan application, and funds have been disbursed to the client’s account.

  • Personal Loan

  • Twelve (12) months.

    The campaign started January 2, 2024 and will end December 31, 2024.

  • Referrer will be rewarded with up to NGN100,000 on every successful Personal Loan referral.

    Funds will be credited into the referrer’s SCB account the following month after the loan has been disbursed to the referred. Same applies to vouchers.

    Below are the reward categories.

    Loan volume disbursed from referral (NGN) Reward value (NGN)
    5,000,000 – 9,999,999 50,000
    10,000,000 – 20,000,000 75,000
    >20,000,000 100,000
  • Yes, provided the referrals are submitted all at once.

  • The average interest rate is 27%, although the rates vary for the different eligible companies

  • We will contact the referred and provide all the details required. All you need to do is submit the details of the referred, as stated in Q1.

  • Yes, you can refer a company to be enlisted for lending to its employees. However, you need to send requisite details of individual employees – being the ‘referred’ – to as your referrals.

    You will then be rewarded for successful applications, based on the qualifying criteria.


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