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Long-term, consistent investing is critical in wealth management & financial planning

Wealth Builder is a specially designed investment product that helps wealth accumulation through consistent investments of relatively small amounts on a regular basis to deliver high rate of returns. It establishes a disciplined investment strategy rather than the typical reaction to invest large lump sums in bullish markets (often at high prices) and not to invest in bearish markets. You can select from a finite universe of pre-selected funds, and the product provides the following benefits;

  • Dollar Cost Averaging: Prevents lump sum investments at one price (typically a high price) in a bullish market.
  • Discipline: Develops & builds savings culture and helps you start building wealth for the future.
  • Flexibility & Ease: Provides basket of funds that you can select one or more from and then invest as little as $200 in each selected fund. Therefore, you can invest with ease and not have to change your lifestyle dramatically.

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