SMS Banking

Want to know your account anytime, anywhere?

We offer you STANDARD CHARTERED SMS BANKING service - information at your fingertips.

If you have not subscribed yet, please do so now and enjoy the convenience!

Function Overview

Overview of SMS Banking Services
SMS Alert Service SMS Interactive Service
Receive relevant SMS Alerts triggered by pre-defined account activities Execute account services by sending instructions to the bank via SMS
SMS Interactive Service
Activity Send the Following Message
Balance Enquiry BE4-digit PINAccount Nickname
PIN Change PC< space >old 4-digit PIN< space >new 4-digit PIN
Help (Message Format) HL< space >4-digit PIN
Unsubscribe SMS Banking Service UNSUB< space >4-digit PIN
Unsubscribe Pull Service UNSUBP< space >4-digit PIN
Unsubscribe Alert Service UNSUBA< space >4-digit PIN
Unsubscribe Alert for Specific Account UNSUB< space >4-digit PIN< space >Account Nickname
SMS Banking Service Number:

China Mobile: 10690366012

China Unicom: 10690680012

China Telecom: 10690680012

SMS Alert Service
  • Transaction Alert
  • Time Deposit Rollover Alert
  • Early Time Deposit Maturity Alert
  • Birthday Alert
  • Online Banking Alert

Please click SMS Banking FAQ for more information, or call 800-820-8088.
Mobile Phone please call (86-755) 25892333.

How to Subscribe

To register for SMS Banking by phone simply call 800 820 8088 and one of our Call Centre agents will assist you. Please call 86 755 2589 2333 if you are registering from a mobile phone.

Upon successful registration, you will receive an SMS confirmation

If you have also subscribed to our SMS Interactive service, please reply to this SMS message as follows to activate this service: RG< space >4-digit password.

Fees and Charges

There is no extra charge for using this service from the Bank. Telco will charge the SMS sending fee.

Currently, this service is free of charge (except for the service fee from Mobile Service Provider).


    • What is SMS Banking?

      SMS Banking is a safe & convenient service provided by Standard Chartered Bank via the mobile phone.

      It provides two types of services, one is the SMS Alert Service and the other is the SMS Interactive Service.

      The SMS Alerts Service allows you to receive relevant SMS Alerts which are pre-selected by the individual user.

      SMS Interactive Service allows you to trigger various account services by sending instructions to Standard Chartered Bank via SMS.

    • Why choose SMS Banking?

      SMS Banking is easy to apply and use, anywhere, at anytime. By signing up for this service, you can access your Standard Chartered Bank account information 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

    • Service Fee & Charge

      Our bank does not currently charge our customers for this service.

      Customers only need to pay their mobile bills to their respective mobile operators.

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