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For Property Under Construction
  • Developer can sell the property after getting related Pre-sale Permit. Once you decide to purchase the property, the developer will require you to sign the letter of intention and pay the reservation deposit.
  • Usually you need to pay a down payment after you sign the Pre-sales and Purchase Agreement, which takes 30-70% of the purchase price.
  • The Pre-Sales and Purchase Agreement should be registered with the Property Transaction Centre/Local Land Bureau.
  • Upon the completion acceptance, the developer can deliver the property to you and apply for the Certificate of Master Title after receiving Residential Delivery License. After the developer obtains Certificate of Master Title, you can then proceed with the issuance of your Certificate of Title Deed.
  • According to existing laws and regulations, it is not allowed to resell the property under construction before the Certificate of Title Deed is obtained.
For Resale Property
  • You must sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement/Order with the seller. A letter of intention can also be signed at this stage.
  • All Sales and Purchase Agreements must be registered with the Property Transaction Centre/Local Land Bureau.
  • Both the seller and buyer must complete title transfer procedures at the Property Transaction Centre/Local Land Bureau.

* The procedure above is for reference only. The detailed procedure and requirements may differ from cities and shall refer to latest local laws and regulations.

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