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You can invest in mutual funds from as low as USD/GBP/EUR 1000 or its cedi equivalent as lumpsum or a minimum of USD/GBP/EUR 100 through a monthly contribution plan.

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Diversify your wealth by investing across a range of assets, currencies and geographies and increase your chances of greater reward with reduced risks.

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Our dedicated team of Investment Advisors and fund managers will enhance your portfolio(s) by identifying investment options that are across diverse geographies and asset classes.

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Our mutual funds offer daily subscriptions and redemptions, thereby providing clients daily access to their funds.

This is a general term for funds that allows an investor to pool money with other investors and are managed by a team of investment professionals, who pursue a clearly pre-defined mandate or investment strategy.

You must have access to the SC Mobile Banking App and also have a valid Investment Profile. If you do not have an Investment Profile or yours has expired, you may create one or update it through the SC Mobile app or through our Online Banking platform.

A suitability assessment is an evaluation of your risk appetite based on the information provided in your Investment Profile i.e. risk tolerance, investment objective, investment experience or knowledge, financial situation and financial needs. This information is used to determine whether the selected investment suits you.

You can place subscription orders and redemption orders via the Online Mutual Funds platform. You can also view your investments portfolio and check the status of your orders on the platform.

While you can place your orders via our Online Mutual Funds Platform 24 hours a day, we will process all orders received before cut-off time (2:00PM Greenwich Mean Time) on the same day, otherwise your order shall be processed on the next business day. After the Bank has processed your order to the fund house, it is executed on the dealing day for the fund you have submitted the order for. The definition of dealing day is not the same across the different funds. Please refer to the fund’s offering document before order placement.

Your account will be debited within 3 business days of your submission of the order. Please keep your account sufficiently funded to ensure your request is completed. Kindly review order status to ensure your order is placed successfully.

For lumpsum orders, each fund house will have a specific minimum investment amount which will be specified on the Online Mutual Funds Platform. For the Wealth Builder product, the minimum monthly amount is USD 100, GBP 100 or EUR 100 depending on the fund currency you are investing in.

Proceeds from a sale will normally be released within 5 – 10 business days after fund house confirms the price. If the fund does not provide daily dealing, the redemption process may be longer. Please refer to the fund’s offering document for further dealing details.

You may use your Foreign Account (FEA or FCA) for settlement purposes. You may also use your Cedi account but proceeds will be converted back into Cedis and credited to the Cedi account.

Once you submit an order via the Online Mutual Funds platform, your order(s) cannot be amended. You may however cancel your order by calling our 24-hour Client Care Centre on +233-302-633398/+233-242-436387 or visit your nearest branch before your order is placed with the fund house. Any cancellation request received after order placement with the fund house will have to follow the redemption procedure which may also be made through the Online Mutual Funds platform.

Mutual funds provide adequate diversification and an investor can easily use mutual funds to spread risks and keep his/her portfolio safe. If you choose your mutual funds carefully, they can serve as a good asset allocation tool that will help you balance your risks and maximize your returns.

Making a mistake while investing happens across all investments, and Mutual Funds are no different.

Some of the common mistakes while investing in Mutual Funds are:

  1. Investing without understanding the product: For example, equity funds are meant for the long term, but investors look for easy returns in the short term.
  2. Investing without knowing the risk factors: All Mutual Fund schemes have certain risk factors. Investors need to understand them before making an investment.
  3. Not investing the right amount: Sometimes people invest randomly, often without a goal or plan. In such cases, the amount invested may not yield the desired result.
  4. Redeeming too early: Investors sometimes lose patience or do not give the requisite time for an investment to provide the desired rate of return, and hence redeem prematurely.
  5. Joining the herd: Very often, investors do not exercise individual judgement and get carried away by the buzz in the ‘market’ or ‘media’, and thus make the wrong choice.
  6. Investing without a plan: This is perhaps the biggest mistake. Every single rupee invested needs to have a plan or goal.

Every individual investor is unique. Not only with regards to investment objectives but even in approach and view of risk. This is what makes Risk Profiling absolutely crucial before investing.

A Risk Profiler is essentially a questionnaire that seeks an investor’s answers to questions about both “ability” and “willingness”.

It is highly recommended that investors contact their Mutual Fund distributor or an investment advisor to complete this task and get to know their Risk Profile.

Imagine you have to fly to a country far away and a plane is the only choice.

Under what circumstances do you need to understand the various controls for flying the plane? Or the various signals that the pilot receives from the different control towers? Or how to operate the radio system?

Not unless you’re a pilot or co-pilot. If you are just a passenger, you only need to understand is whether your need is being served, and for that you need to understand what you need in the first place.

In the context of investing, when you are managing your investments yourself, you need to understand the stock, bond and money markets. However, if you decide to use the Mutual Funds for the purpose of investing to reach your financial goals, you need not understand how stocks, bond and money markets work. You only need to know what kind of Mutual Funds serve various purposes.

Use Mutual Funds and let an expert fund management team take over the various controls of the vehicle. You just select the vehicle based on your journey and relax.

During a long drive, do you worry about your speed or the destination and how to get there? Obviously, you don’t count the bumps but focus on reaching your destination safely in time. The same goes with Mutual Funds. You shouldn’t worry about the daily NAV fluctuations but rather focus on whether it is taking you closer to the financial goal in the time you have set for it.

During the drive, there are numerous times when your speed drops to near zero, but the vehicle picks up speed once you get over the bump and continue your journey. At the end of the trip, what matters is the average speed you clocked to reach your destination. Similarly, a mutual fund can have numerous bumps in the short-term but the longer you stay invested, the impact of these fluctuations decrease and your chances of earning a positive return goes up just like your car’s average speed during a long trip.

Every economy and hence market go through periods of growth and recession which impact your fund’s return but only in the short-term. Over the long-term, your fund would have gone through several such bouts of ups and downs, but their impact would be muted because it’s the long-term compounded total return that will count at the end of your investment journey.

Yes, It is mandatory to have an existing bank account to invest in a mutual fund.

  • Mutual funds provide investors with an easy way to diversify their portfolio and reduce risks as the fund can be invested in many different stocks or bonds
  • It provides a low-cost option of investment as it enables investors to hold a wide array of stocks without paying transaction fees for each stock held
  • With the use of mutual fund, investors benefit from the insights of seasoned and experience investment managers who set the fund’s strategy and conduct research to monitor the performance and make trades

Mutual funds are one of the investment offerings offered by the bank and this can be purchased with funds online through SC mobile app. For Portfolio Management, the bank performs periodic review of an existing portfolio and will recommend best solutions to meet the needs and objectives of the investor as part of advisory services offered.

For Mutual Funds, a portfolio holds many securities, making it diverse. Its diverse nature is one of the biggest benefits of investing in a Mutual Fund. It ensures that the dip in price of one or even a few securities does not affect the entire portfolio performance alarmingly.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) are designed to overcome some risks of mutual funds such as market falls by allowing you to invest small amounts periodically. This enables you buy more units when the indicative NAV is low and vice versa thus averaging out the effect of the market volatility on the investment in the long term.

There is no penalty for missed SIP payments, however you may accumulate lower than expected wealth if the payments are too irregular.

The proceeds from the investment will vary based on the type of fund as well as the performance of the fund during the specified period. With the SC Mobile app, you can review the performance of the fund and determine the expected returns.

  • Investing without a financial goal or plan: This is perhaps the biggest mistake. A goal-based investment helps investors to select an appropriate mutual fund
  • Investing without understanding the product: Mutual funds can range from short-fixed income securities like government bonds to equity funds like stocks or even specialty areas like real estate or socially responsible investing. Each fund comes with its own benefits and risk factors, as such it is important for investors to understand the fund’s investment goals and ensure that they are comfortable with the product and risk associated
  • Not investing the right amount: Investing randomly, without a goal or plan may not yield desired results
  • Redeeming too early: Panic or fluctuations in the market can cause investors to lose patience and not leave requisite time for an investment to provide the desired rate of return, and thus redeem prematurely
Mutual Funds Mutual funds offer an affordable access to a range of assets and markets.


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