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Enjoy exclusive banking benefits along with the joy of becoming a homeowner.

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Enjoy exclusive banking benefits along with the joy of becoming a homeowner.

Home BonusPack

Simply sign up for Home BonusPack by 31 December 2018 and drawdown the mortgage loan by 31 March 2019 to enjoy the following privileges, including a banking plan & credit card based on your mortgage loan amount.:


Mortgage Loan Outstanding Amount
HK$4,000,000 or above
HK$1,500,000 to HK$3,999,999
Below HK$1,500,000
Banking Plan Priority Banking Premium programme Easy Banking
Maintenance Fee Waived
Standard Chartered Credit Card1 Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card
Welcome Offer2 Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card/ Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card
HK$400 cash rebate3

First 2 years quarterly maintenance fee of Priority Banking or Premium programme will be waived for mortgage clients (borrower or co-borrower) with mortgage account opened on or before 1 October 2017.


1. If the relevant income or other requirements cannot be met, the Bank reserves the right to treat your credit card application for a certain card type(s) as application for another card type(s) and grant you the relevant type(s) of credit card as the Bank sees fit.

2. The welcome offer is only applicable to applicants who currently do not hold and in the past 6 months have not cancelled any principal card of Standard Chartered Credit Card or MANHATTAN Credit Card from the date of credit card approval (“New Cardholders”). Each New Cardholder will only be entitled to the welcome offer once.

3. New Cardholders who have successfully applied for Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card or Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card and accumulated eligible transactions of HK$5,000 or above with the newly approved card within the first 2 months from the date of card issuance are entitled to HK$400 cash rebate. For details, please refer to “Application for Home BonusPack – Important Information and Terms and Conditions for Application of Standard Chartered Credit Card” leaflet.

4. Priority Banking/ Premium programme/ Easy Banking maintenance fee will be waived for Eligible Clients as set out in the table. After the expiration of the maintenance fee waiver as set out in the table, if the average daily Relationship Balance of the client within the quarter falls below the minimum requirement if the respective banking plans, the Bank reserves the right to, upon prior notification to the client, provide another banking plan with a different minimum Relationship Balance requirement that would better suit the banking needs of the client. For details, please refer to the Service Charges Booklet and Banking terms and conditions.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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