Enjoy benefits for your salary with Standard Chartered's Salary Solution Lite. Choose a Personal Loan with a salary account (Salary Solution Lite), all with just one application form.

Salary Solution Lite


  • Personal Loan with a Salary Account
  • Complete a single application form
  • Only one set of documents to be provided / submitted
  • Internet and mobile banking services


Documents Required

  • Salaried individuals with a minimum gross salary of KES 15,000 per month
  • Introduction letter from employer on company letterhead
  • Proof of income (Certified copy of pay slip) and bank statement where applicable*
  • Copy of ID / passport
  • One passport-sized photograph where applicable*

*Applies to new customers only


What are the benefits of Salary Solution and Salary Solution Lite?

The key benefits are:

  • Single application form for all products and services
  • Only one set of documents are required
What fees and charges apply to Salary Solutions?

There are no separate fees for the Salary Solution, however you will be subject to 2.5% arrangement fees and insurance fees. The fees applicable on the constituent products apply – refer to our current tariff guide for details.