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Split your bills to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience

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Split your bills to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience

Monthly repayments are much more affordable

You can now spend Kes. 20,000 or more on your Standard Chartered Credit Card, and spread the payments over 6 or 12 months with our Easy Payment Plan

Key Features & Charges

Here’s an illustration based on Kes. 50,000 charged to your card for an air ticket to Mombasa:
Easy Payment Plan
6 month instalment
12 month instalment
Monthly instalment payment KES. 8,875 KES. 4,708
Interest Rate 1.08% p.m. 1.08% p.m.
Processing Fee Zero Zero
Early Settlement Charge Zero Zero
Take a family vacation to Dubai for 4 family members at Kes. 280,000 and pay 26,300 monthly for 12 months with EPP. You can also buy a double door refrigerator for Kes. 83,400 and pay Kes. 7,853 monthly for 12 months.


    1. Cardholder will call Contact Centre on 254 020 3293900 and request for the EPP on a POS (point of sale) /online  transaction done on the credit card. The request must be made within 3 days of the transaction and 5 days before the cardholder’s billing date. – Minimum value of transaction being Kes. 20,000.
    2. The Contact Centre agent will then take the cardholder’s request.
  • EPP will be placed for transactions of Kes. 20,000 and above. This is for single transactions only and not on the entire card balance.

  • No other fees will be applicable for the EPP plan.

  • The request must be submitted after the transaction is posted to the into the card account (usually within 3 business days after the transaction) and also 5 business days before the next statement date. During this period, Primary cardholders can call the 24-hour Contact Centre and request for the facility.

  • The repayment amount of your credit card will not change i.e. either minimum or maximum payment unless you give us specific instructions to do so. This can be done through our 24hr Contact Centre or our branches.
    The EPP monthly repayment amount  will be added each month to the minimum payment due each month and will form part of the amount to be paid for that month.

  • The cardholder may apply for early pay-off of outstanding instalment balance. Upon approval by Bank, the cardholder shall pay in full the outstanding instalment balance for the remaining tenors.

  • If the cardholder wants to cancel his/her credit card during the instalment, he/she must first pay off all outstanding EPP balances before applying for cancellation of the credit card.

  • The EPP 1st instalment will appear in the 2nd Credit Card statement (next billing cycle) after the EPP has been set up. On the 1st statement you will notice the “EPP initial interest” charge, which is the interest from the day of the transaction until the end of the billing cycle for the period. Please note that the 1st EPP instalment will have interest from the next billing cycle.

  • You can pay off your EPP balance by making payment to your Credit Card equivalent to the entire EPP balance. You will then need to call our Contact Centre and request to have the EPP cancelled

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