Sustainability and our business

Standard Chartered strives to ensure that the financing we provides supports economic and social development in the markets we operate in. Our approach to sustainability in doing business focuses on three priorities: Contributing to sustainable economic growth, Being a responsible company and Investing in communities.

We are committed to providing products and services to individuals and companies driving local, regional and global economic development and job creation. In response to the dynamic nature of markets, we help realise these opportunities by providing dedicated financial services that help spur economic growth.

The credit and other financial services we provide help businesses to set up, trade, grow and protect their wealth for the future. By doing all of this responsibly and efficiently, we can have a positive effect on sustainable development , contributing to economic growth in the long term and enabling communities, businesses and people to thrive.

Contributing to Sustainable economic growth

As a leading financial institution, we are committed to promoting positive social and economic development in the markets where we operate. Contributing to sustainable economic growth is about how we support our clients through our core business of banking.

Access to finance

We support trade, infrastructure and other key sectors of the economy that create the foundation for long-term sustainable growth. We provide financial products and services to enable our clients reach individuals who lack access to banking services and at the same time we share our expertise to support the deepening of financial markets. We seek to maximise our contribution to sustainable development by providing financing to businesses in key sectors that enable economic growth and job creation. We also provide access to finance to individuals through our Retail Banking operations and to our microfinance institution clients who provide services to individuals who lack access to banking services.

By the end of 2015, gross lending to individuals stood at KShs 59 billion, whilst lending to Commercial Banking and Corporate & Institutional Banking stood at KShs 14 billion and KShs 51 billion respectively.

Sustainable finance

We are committed to upholding leading Environment and social (E&S) standards in the way we do business. This is founded on our 20 Position Statements which spell out environmental and social standards that guide our conduct. The Position Statements address agribusiness, chemicals and manufacturing, fisheries, infrastructure, renewable energy and an expanded statement on children’s rights. Our sustainable finance framework is outlined in the Position Statements. This forms the basis of our relationship with clients and dictates the nature of business we may engage in.

Being a responsible company

Our commitment to sustainability is not only about the business activity we finance but also about how we run our business. We are focused on building a business consistent with our values and managing our operations to deliver long term value to our stakeholders. Being a responsible company focuses on how we manage our operations and run our business. This commitment is embedded in our policies in managing People, Conduct, Financial Crime and the environment.


As a leading international bank, we strive for best practice in corporate governance across our footprint. We believe that simply complying with written corporate governance standards is not enough. It is vital for companies to have an underlying culture with behaviours and values that support effective corporate governance. It is the responsibility of all of our employees to be responsive and vigilant to ensure compliance with both the letter and the spirit of our governance framework.

Tackling Financial Crime

Behind every financial crime there are real human stories, stories of poverty, drug addiction, slavery through human trafficking; loss of lives amongst others. It is therefore the bank’s responsibility to fight financial crime not just because it is the right thing to do but it is also an integral part of good conduct and our brand promise, Here for good. We are cognizant of the fact that our aspiration to be the best international bank can only be achieved by Standard Chartered leading the way in the fight against financial crime.

People and values

We purpose to contribute to business growth by enabling the Bank to attract, develop and retain an engaged team that will deliver on our brand promise, ‘Here for good’. Emphasis is on employee productivity, hence our focus is to build on our employee capability and provide them with attractive career paths for growth. We work closely with teams to align the People Agenda to the Business Strategy, by incorporating a HR Business Partnering model into our HR structure.

Health, safety and wellness

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy working environment for our employees and customers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure the highest standards of health and safety wherever we operate. This includes established global ergonomic design standards to minimise any occupational injury or illness, online health and safety training, and an online safety and incident reporting portal.


As part of our overall environmental policy, we seek to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and have targets in place to reduce the rate of our energy and water usage.

We have environmental standards that touch on; energy efficiency, guidance on environmentally preferred products, waste management, environmental data assurance and environmental targets.

Investing in communities

We are committed to promoting positive social and economic development in Kenya. In 2015, we continued to focus on sustainability and community engagement to live our brand promise of Here for good. This relationship is anchored on our four main sustainability pillars; ‘Seeing is Believing’, Financial Education, Goal and ‘Positive Living’.

Seeing is Believing

The Bank appreciates the challenges in health care that developing countries face. We aim to boost and support the efforts of the government and health partners to improve access to child eye health care through improved child eye health care delivery, strengthening human resources for eye health care, expanding infrastructure and equipment for delivery of eye healthcare as well as supporting operational researches on eye care. In this regard, we are implementing 2 “Seeing is Believing” programmes, “Seeing is Believing East Africa Child Eye Heath Care” programme, a three year programme launched in 201 and “Seeing is Believing Phase V” project based in Rift Valley launched in 2014

Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

Once again the 2015 Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon lived to its promise of being the biggest sporting event in East and Central Africa. The event marked the 13th anniversary last year attracting more than 21,000 participants, an increase of 2,000 compared to the 2014 event. We raised a record KShs 40 million against a target of KShs 30 million. This brings to over KShs 150 million the funds raised for the “Seeing is Believing” initiative through the marathon.

We will continue to grow the level of investment in the marathon to enhance its profile. In partnership with the government and Athletics Kenya, we shall enhance the status of the event to rival other big marathons including London, Chicago New York, Boston and Berlin.

Goal Project

Goal is our global education programme for adolescent girls. Through a combination of sports and life skills training, the Goal programme aims to empower and equip adolescent girls with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to be integral economic leaders in their families, communities and societies.
In Kenya, Goal was launched in June 2015 and reached 2,525 girls from disadvantaged background. Through the Goal curriculum, the participants are equipped with knowledge on self esteem, reproductive health and financial management. The Kenya Chapter of Goal is being implemented in partnership with Vijana Amani Pamoja, an NGO operating in the eastern part of Nairobi. Five schools, Mcedo Beijing Primary and Mercy Care from Mathare, Nazareth from Mukuru and Ngei Primary and Secondary Schools from Huruma, were selected to take part in the first phase of the programme.

Positive Living

Our “Positive Living” programme promotes awareness and understanding of HIV and AIDS. We partnered with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, SAF, to implement the “Positive Living” campaign. We appointed SAF to manage a grant programme and country specific campaigns to raise awareness and promote education on HIV and AIDS. The foundation provides small grants to organisations led by young people aged between 15 and 27 years who are using innovative approaches to beat HIV in their local communities

Financial Education

Financial education is a critical life skill that builds financial knowledge, skills and attitudes which allow individuals to make informed and effective financial decisions. We are committed to building financial capability among youth through Financial Education for Youth (FE4Y) and small and micro businesses through Education for Entrepreneurs (E4E). We aim to influence behavioural change and engrain financial responsibility at an early age.
In 2015, through Employee Volunteering, we reached 7,896 through FE4Y and 117 small and micro business though E4E.

Employee Volunteering

We encourage our employees to share their skills to support the successful delivery of our programmes, and to contribute to their communities. We believe that when our employees share time, skills, knowledge and experience on a cause that is close to their hearts, they help the Bank make a real and tangible difference in our local communities. We place a premium on skills- based volunteering. Skills based volunteering enables us to leverage our skill sets to help our communities especially in financial education, mentorship, coaching etc.


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