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Contactless payment – You can now pay with your Standard Chartered Visa card using Tap to Pay contactless technology

Tap to Pay

Cardholders with the symbol on their cards can now enjoy a fast, easy and secure way to pay for goods and services.

Where it works

You can tap to pay with your Standard Chartered Visa Debit or Credit Card across a range of retailers in Kenya and globally. The retailer will display the tap and go sign , to let you know that contactless cards are accepted at the terminal.

How does it work?

Contactless payment
Step 1:

This symbol is shown at a retailer if the merchant accept card payment with contactless feature

wave your card on the card reader at close range
Step 2:

To pay, wave your card on the card reader at close range (less than 4cm from where the contactless logo appears).

 Credit card reader
Step 3:

Your transaction is confirmed by the illumination of the green indicator light.

What are the benefits of Contactless Feature?


  • You can use contactless feature across a range of retailers including convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food chains, cinemas and so on.

  • Standard Chartered shall issue you with a contactless card upon replacing or renewing your VISA debit or credit card.

  • By tapping or bringing the contactless card within a 2cm to 10cm range towards POS terminal allows you to make a payment within the card limit.

  • All merchants with a payment terminal displaying a wave symbol together with the VISA acceptance mark

  • Yes, while payment terminals offer the choice to pay with contactless technology, there is the option to pay by inserting your card into the card reader and use your PIN to complete the transaction

  • Random eavesdropping is likely to capture random unusable fragments of data and the security features together with the encryption techniques of the contactless card render the data useless for fraudulent usage.

  • It is advisable to present only the contactless card from which you’re making the payment in front of the terminal The acceptance device has ‘anti-collision’ features, in the event the reader detects more than one payment card in your wallet; the card holder is instructed by the terminal to select a single card or the terminal may however terminate the entire transaction.

  • A receipt isn’t given as standard with contactless payment technology as this would impact the speed and convenience of the technology. However, you can always request one from the merchant after completing the transaction.

  • Contactless cards that are lost or stolen are handled similarly to other Visa cards. Immediately login to the SC Mobile Kenya app to block your card or report to us by calling +254 20 329 3900.


The maximum limit on each purchase /transaction is Kes. 2,500. Once Contactless feature /tap to pay is used, it will be governed by the terms and conditions that apply to your transactions made using a credit card.