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Saying goodbye shouldn’t mean the end of your savings. Get a helping hand with The Farewell Plan.

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Saying goodbye shouldn’t mean the end of your savings. Get a helping hand with The Farewell Plan.

The Farewell plan is designed to make a smile possible at the worst of times

Cover yourself and up to 5 family members on The Farewell plan. Underwritten by Sanlam.

Key Features


  • Farewell Plan Insurance is designed to pay out a specified amount upon the death of the life assured. It provides cover for the family including main life, spouse, children, parents and extended family members for up to a maximum of 6 lives per policy.

  • Any adult person aged 18 to 55 years can purchase this policy. Such persons can also bring on board the following:

    1. Own spouse aged 18 to 55 years next birthday;
    2. Children aged between 0 months and 18 years;
    3. own parents and parents-in-law aged up to 85 years
    4. Extended family between 0 months to 85 years next birthday. – Extended Family shall mean members of the wider family who are related to the policyholder and for whom an Insurable Interest can be demonstrated.
  • Examples of acceptable relationships are: other spouses (whether married by local custom or otherwise), brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, grandfathers, grandmothers and children above 18 years of age.

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    Premiums are paid monthly

  • We are currently partnering with Sanlam General on this product.

  • The only acceptable payment modes are online payment, mobile banking, funds transfers and SCB cheques.

  • Get in touch with Sanlam General Insurance Company or walk into your nearest Standard Chartered Branch.

  • If a policy misses three (3) consecutive premiums or an equivalent of 6 months non-consecutive premiums, the policy will lapse and the benefits will fall away. In the event that a policy is still in force, but premium payments are in arrears and a claim is made, the outstanding premiums will be recovered from the benefit when it becomes payable

  • The policy (and all benefits linked to the policy) will terminate on the earlier of any of the following:

    1. On the death of the policyholder.
    2. When the policy lapses or the policyholder submits a written request for policy cancellation.
    3. The company has the discretion to cancel the policy in given circumstances (e.g. based on fraud).
  • Lapsed policies can be reinstated within 12 months subject to payment of the missed premiums. On reinstatement, a 6-month waiting period will apply for claims arising out of natural causes

  • This product does not have a surrender value

  • In case of inquiries kindly contact your insurance specialist or Kenya.Bancaheadoffice@sc.com


This solution is underwritten by Sanlam Life Assurance Company Limited, who are liable for any loss arising out of the insurance products including payment of claims on this product. Insurance products are distributed through Standard Chartered Bancassurance Intermediary Limited (SCBIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, and is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. Terms and conditions apply.