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Investment Services

Securing your financial future is about making the right decisions today; and seeing and taking advantage of the right investment opportunities is never easy. You need a partner with the right tools to help you navigate this complex world.

We know that each client has unique needs and we take time to understand your particular circumstances so that we can build a package personal to you. Our goal is to create a partnership that goes beyond the purely financial and by demonstrating true understanding; we can deliver a true partnership. We leverage our global presence and carefully select investment instruments to ensure you are exposed only to best in class investment products from reputable issuers and fund houses.

Our Investment Principles

To build the right mix of products that suit your unique needs we follow these 5 investment principals:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of, and appreciation for, your unique circumstances & objectives.
  • Maintain a strategic long term approach that is always focused on your trend needs rather than individual financial transactions.
  • Recommend innovative financial solutions that are based on an objective assessment of your goals.
  • Maintain an open architecture investment platform that gives you access to the best wealth management talent in the world.
  • Continually evaluate markets, products and asset managers so as to ensure that our recommended solutions deliver the results that you expect.

Our Product Range

Mutual Funds (or Unit Trusts)

Mutual funds is a general term for funds that allow you to pool your money with that of other investors and are managed by a team of investment professionals who pursue a clearly pre-defined mandate or investment strategy.

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Regular Savings Plan (Wealth Builder)

A specially designed product that offers you a disciplined investment strategy by enabling you to commit to invest a fixed, relatively small amount of money on a regular basis into a Mutual Fund or funds of your choice.

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Fixed Income Securities

These are typically debt instruments issued by corporations or governments to raise long term capital to finance capital projects. They provide you the investor regular income and opportunity for capital appreciation when sold before maturity at a price higher than the purchase price.

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Important Note

Information contained in this website does not constitute investment advice. Potential investors should note that investments can involve significant risks and the value of an investment may go down as well as up. No assurance can be given that the investment objective of any investment products will be achieved.

Our Investment Products and Services are distributed by Standard Chartered Bank (K) Ltd, on behalf of Standard Chartered Investment Services Ltd – a wholly-owned subsidiary, that is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as a Fund Manager.

Wealth Management Education Series

Fee schedule

Product   Maximum Fee/ Margin
Mutual Funds 3.5% of Invested amount
Fixed Income 3% of Invested amount
Treasury Bills 0.25% of Invested amount
Regular Savings plan First Installment is taken as the bank's fee

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