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Mutual Funds

Buy, track or sell funds 24x7 on the SC Mobile App. Your future. Invest now!

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Features of Online Mutual Funds

Easy and convenient

Transactions can be carried out 24×7 through the SC mobile app so you can buy, sell or track your mutual fund portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Invest in your choice of fund

Our open architecture platform gives you access to 100+ international mutual funds managed by globally reputed fund managers

Diverse and affordable

Achieve diversification across asset classes and geographies by investing a lumpsum amount for as low as USD 1000 or start small by setting up a Wealth Builder Plan for as low USD 100 per month.

Interactive Fund Library

Find a fund of your choice using smart filters or select from a list of shortlisted funds that match your investment profile from Fund Select.
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How to invest in mutual funds on your SC Mobile app:


Log in to your SC Mobile app.


From the menu in the top left corner of the page, select ‘Investment Profile’ to create your Customer Investment Profile (CIP).


To start Investing directly through Online Mutual Funds, select ‘Mutual Funds’ under ‘Investing’.


If you are a new client, you will be asked to complete a one-time Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Central Securities Depository Regulation (CSDR) declaration.


Buy, sell track your Mutual Fund investments via Online Mutual Funds.

How investing in Mutual funds may help to achieve your life goals?

How to buy Mutual Funds on the SC Mobile App?

How to buy Mutual Funds on the SC Mobile App?

This is a general term for funds that allow an investor to pool money with other investors and are managed by a team of investment professionals, who pursue a clearly pre-defined mandate or investment strategy.

We provide a wide range of funds, which are professionally managed by leading fund houses that match your risk profile and financial goals. We tap into our global network and resources to analyse financial markets around the world and identify investment opportunities.

In order to use our Online Mutual Funds platform, you must have access to the Standard Chartered’ bank’s mobile banking platform and have an Investment Profile.

An Investment Profile is a tool that captures your general attitude towards your investment needs, objectives and risk profile. You should maintain an updated investment profile in order to invest via the Online Mutual Funds Platform. You may create an Investment Profile through Online Banking or SC Mobile instantly.

A suitability assessment is an evaluation of your risk appetite based on the information provided on your Investment Profile i.e. risk tolerance, investment objective, investment experience or knowledge, financial situation and financial needs.

You can place subscription (Buy) and redemption orders (Sell) via the Online Mutual Funds Platform.

Execution-only is a trading service that is restricted to only the execution of trades, without the client receiving any advice about the merits or risks of the investments or their suitability.

While you can place your investment orders via our online Mutual Funds Platform 24 hours a day, only orders placed before the cut off time, 01:00 pm Kenya time will be processed the same day. Orders received after this time will be processed on the next working day.

After the Bank has submitted your order to the fund house, it is executed on the dealing day for the fund you have submitted the order for. The definition of dealing day is not the same across the different funds. Please refer to the fund’s offering document before order placement.

The bank’s process date is the date in which your order is placed with the fund house. The dealing date is the date in which the purchase of your units with the fund house are settled.

Your account will be debited within 3 business days of your submission of the order

Please keep your account sufficiently funded to ensure you request is completed. Kindly review order status to ensure your order is placed successfully. In case your order is rejected, you will be contacted by either your relationship manager or a representative from your branch.

Each fund house will have a specific minimum investment amount which you will be able to view on the Online Mutual Funds Platform.

For the Wealth Builder product, the minimum monthly amount is USD 200, GBP 200 or EUR 200 depending on the fund currency you are investing in

The indicative Net Asset Value (NAV) is the indicative price with which you will be purchasing each unit of the fund. This number is quoted on a daily basis and could fluctuate. If your order is received past the cut off time (1:00PM Kenya time), then you will get the next day’s pricing.

Proceeds from a sale will normally be released in 5 – 10 business days after fund house confirms the price. If the fund does not provide daily dealing, the redemption process may be longer. Please refer to the fund’s offering document for further dealing details.

You may only use your Current Accounts for subscription or redemption instructions

Once submitted via Online Mutual Funds, the orders cannot be amended. You may however cancel your order by calling our 24-hour Client Centre at +254203293900 or visit your nearest branch before your order is placed with the fund house. Any cancellation request received after order placement with the fund house will have to follow the redemption procedure which can also be done from the Online Mutual Funds platform.

The Investment Account number is a unique account that is created for you solely for purposes of facilitating your investment. This number will be referenced in all notices concerning your investment with us.

The average unit cost is your total investment amount divided by your holding units. Total investment amount refers to the gross amount (i.e. before fee) you have invested in the particular fund. Unit Dividend and Cash Dividend are distributions made by the fund and hence not included as investment amount.

Please note that the figure is for reference only and may not truly reflect the average unit cost of your holding since your purchase. For any transfer-in transaction, the last available indicative price on or before the actual date of transfer has been adopted for calculation.

Unrealised profit/loss is calculated as (Fund’s latest price – Average Unit cost) * Holding units.

The unit price of an investment fund on any business day can only be calculated after all the market closure and will be announced on the next business day.

You can find orders not yet settled under Order Status for your tracking. Once we settle the orders, units will be allocated to your investment fund account; for redemption, proceeds will be credited to your current account.

All settled orders will be displayed under Transaction History.

i) In person: Visit the nearest standard chartered bank branch and the dedicated staff will receive and address your complaint

ii) Telephone: Call the 24-hour Client Centre where a team of agents are standing by to assist you; +254 20 3293900, +254 703 093 900, +254 732 143 900

iii) Video/Chat: Visit www.sc.com/ke where you can video call, audio call or chat with our team of agents

iv) Email us at managedinvestments@sc.com

Every complaint provides us an opportunity to delight you. You may raise a complaint by sending it to us on: managedinvestments@sc.com or through the channels above. Upon acknowledging receipt of a logged complaint, we shall investigate and effectively respond within a timely manner.

Knowing the investment risks associated with each investment is important. When you invest in a unit trust, you should receive a factsheet and prospectus which details the risks involved. Some examples are (non-exhaustive):


Investment Risk
As with any investment, your investment value and dividends may go up, down or even be completely lost in extreme cases.


Foreign Exchange Risk
You should be aware that your investments can be negatively affected by foreign exchange risk if you hold unit trusts/ funds that invest in assets denominated in foreign currencies.


Potential Risks of Hedge Funds or Alternative Funds
These funds differ from traditional unit trusts in that they can undertake more risky investment strategies than traditional fund managers e.g. they may borrow to invest which can magnify potential losses.


Potential Risks of Derivatives (if applicable)
Unit trusts which invest in derivatives may have higher volatility. An investment in derivatives may result in losses that are greater than the principal amount invested. Derivatives are also subject to a number of risks including but not limited to liquidity, interest rate, market, counterparty and credit risk. It is important that you fully understand the nature and risk exposure before investing in derivatives.

Sales Charges
These are charges which are deducted from the subscription amount and paid to the distributor


Recurring Fees
Annual management fees and other administrative fees will be charged by the fund house. While you do not pay these fees out of your own pocket, they are paid for by the unit trust and incorporated into the fund price, which will reduce the return that you get.


Investment Products and Services are distributed by Standard Chartered Investment Services Ltd – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited, that is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as a Fund Manager.