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Small changes in your home can help make the world better.It starts with you and us

Ke ustainable living masthead
Ke ustainable living masthead

Small changes in your home can help make the world better.It starts with you and us

Sustainable Living

Standard Chartered has partnered with Davis & Shirtliff to offer discounts and flexible payments on solar energy and water treatment equipment because we believe we need to play our part in helping the environment.

Sustainable Solutions

Discounted pricing

Retail/Market Price Excl. VAT Kes
 Prev PROMO Price Excl. VAT Kes.
 New PROMO Price Excl. VAT Kes.
% Inc
New PROMO Price Incl. VAT Kes.
UFS150D FLATPLATE SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM          105,000         73,500.00        78,750.00 7%       91,400
UFS200D FLATPLATE SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM          117,000         81,750.00        87,750.00 7%     102,000
UFS300D FLATPLATE SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM          160,000       111,750.00      120,000.00 7%     139,000
DAYLIFF MINERAL WATER POT              5,200           2,940.00          3,068.00 4%         3,600
DAYLIFF 10″ TRIPLE UV PURIFIER            22,000         14,700.00        15,400.00 5%       18,000
DAYLIFF 100G COMPACT RO C/W TANK            31,500         21,000.00        22,050.00 5%       25,600
DAYLIFF 6-STAGE 50GPD MINI RO            34,500         23,030.00        24,150.00 5%       28,000
DAYLIFF 6-STAGE 100GPD MINI RO            40,300         26,880.00        28,210.00 5%       32,700
DAYLIFF TREATED WATER DISPENSER            61,000         40,600.00        42,700.00 5%       50,000


1. All prices in the table above are VAT Inclusive.

2. Installation Fees is now VATABLE and only covers delivery and labour charges. Clients should provide fittings and sundries


1. All prices in the table above are VAT Inclusive.

2. Installation Fees is now VATABLE and only covers delivery and labour charges. Clients should provide fittings and sundries


  • It is a form of financial service which integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large.

  • Davis & Shirtliff will provide a green solution for water and energy efficiency, for domestic consumption. Davis & Shirtliff is a supplier of water and solar energy related equipment in East Africa. Founded in Kenya in 1946, business activities are focused on six principal product sectors – water pumps, boreholes, swimming pools, water treatment, generators, solar energy equipment and irrigation.

  • All retail clients both new to bank and existing clients who have a credit card and/or qualify for a personal loan. Clients can use their credit card or apply for personal loan to buy solar water heater, water purification system and pay in equal instalments.

  • Client visits Davis & Shirtliff store and selects a product (Solar water heater or water purification system). Client swipes Standard Chartered Bank visa debit or credit card. Davis & Shirtliff installs the equipment.

    Alternatively, the client can opt to apply for a personal loan while attaching the quotation for the item selected from the Davis & Shirtliff store. Once the loan is approved, the invoiced amount will be paid into a Davis & Shirtliff bank account and an advice letter will be sent to the client. The client will then engage Davis & Shirtliff to agree on a suitable delivery date.

  • The arrangement fees for personal loan is calculated at 2.5% of the amount applied and approved. However, clients are eligible for a 1% cashback off the invoiced amount. Where the personal loan amount is equal to the invoiced amount, the arrangement fees is effectively 1.5%.

    Insurance will also be charged at 0.54% or 0.72% per annum depending on the type of policy.

  • Yes, a client can apply for a higher personal loan amount. The amount invoiced by Davis & Shirtliff will be remitted to a Davis & Shirtliff account while the balance will be remitted to your Standard Chartered account.

  • Yes. Standard chartered has a suitable Equal Repayments Option (EPP). The EPP is based on two main plans of 6 or 12 months to enable you settle your credit card transaction in easy instalments at an interest rate of 1.08% per month at no extra cost.

    Note: EPP will be placed for transactions of Kes. 20,000 and above. This is for single transactions only and not on the entire card balance.

  • Upon payment for the Davis & Shirtliff products, Cardholder will call Contact centre and request for the EPP on a POS (point of sale) transaction done on the credit card. The request/application must be made within 5 days of the transaction – Minimum value of transaction being Kes. 20,000.

  • Use the table attached to calculate what your monthly repayments will be once the EPP has been placed.

  • Application must be submitted after the transaction is posted to the account (usually 3 business days after the transaction) and also 5 business days before the next statement date. During this period, Primary cardholders can call the 24-hour Contact Centre and apply.

  • The repayment amount of your credit card will not change i.e. either minimum or maximum payment unless you give us specific instructions to do so. This can be done through our 24hr contact centre or our branches.

    The EPP expected monthly instalment will be added each month to the minimum payment due each month and will form part of the amount to be paid each month.

  • No, your other credit card terms and conditions remain unchanged

  • The cardholder may apply for early pay-off of outstanding instalment balance. Upon approval by Bank, the cardholder shall pay in full the outstanding instalment balance for the remaining tenors.

  • If the cardholder wants to cancel his/her credit card during the instalment, he/she must first pay off all outstanding EPP balances before applying for cancellation of the credit card.

  • The EPP 1st instalment will appear in the 2nd Credit Card statement (next billing cycle) after the EPP has been set up. On the 1st statement you will notice the “EPP initial interest” charge, which is the interest from the day of the transaction until the end of the billing cycle for the period. Please note that the 1st EPP instalment will have interest from the next billing cycle.

  • You can pay off your EPP balance by making payment to your Credit Card equivalent to the entire EPP balance. You will then need to call our Contact Centre and request to have the EPP cancelled.

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