Following the new credit card eligibility requirements, all existing Principal Credit Cardholders with cards approved prior to 1 April 2011 will need to submit their latest income documents. This is to facilitate their card issuers
in determining the credit limit and number of card issuers allowed for each customer.

To ensure that you enjoy the credit card limit you deserve, please update your latest income information with us.

The new credit card eligibility requirements are as follows:

   •    Cardholders earning RM36,000 p.a. and below can only hold credit
       cards from a maximum of two (2) credit card issuers
   •    Maximum credit limit extended to a principal cardholder shall not
       exceed two times (2X) of the cardholder's monthly income, per issuer
In time of need, you won't have to worry about exceeding your approved credit limit. Just subscribe to our Overlimit Service and you'll get to enjoy a better peace of mind.
•    Overlimit Service is subject to Cardholder's good conduct with the bank.
•    A fee of RM50 will be charged if Cardholder exceeds his/her
     approved credit limit.
More security, more control. Receive SMS alerts for you and your supplementary card(s) credit card transactions (customers who travel overseas may incur international roaming charges).
Starting 1 January 2012, customers are automatically signed up for Transaction Alerts Service and will receive SMS Alerts based on criteria set in acordance with regulations. Kindly update your latest mobile number with us to ensure we send the alerts to the correct mobile number.
You can unsubscribe from this Transaction Alerts Service via Online Banking or using the process described below under How to update your information with us.
How to update your information with us?
1. Download Income Update & Review of Limit Form or Additional Services Form (Overlimit Service & Transaction Alerts Service).
2. Attach form with your latest income document(s) if you would like to update your income records.
3. Send your Form(s) together with income document(s) if any via:
Fax +603-7954 4098 OR
Post to
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad
Consumer Banking Operations – Account Services
P.O. Box 13569, 50814 Kuala Lumpur
Submit to your nearest Standard Chartered Bank
1. Payslip (1 month)
2. Personal Bank Statement (1 month)
3. EA Form*
4. EPF Statement (1 month)
5. Letter of Employment/HR Letter
6. Borang B/BE*
7. NOA/CPF (employed in Singapore)
8. Commission Statement (1 month)
9. Pension Statement
10. Company Bank Statement (1 month) with Business Registration Form
11. LHDN Acknowledgement*
12. Retiree Declaration Form**
i. Validity period of the monthly income documents would be within the latest 3 months of issuance date to Bank receipt date.
ii. * For annual income documents, validity would be based on the latest annual issuance.
iii. ** Retiree with age 45 years (inclusive) and above from his/her previous employment is not subjected to the income restrictions of RM36,000 p.a. (inclusive) and below. However, retirees will need to submit a declaration form by downloading the Income Update & Review of Limit Form as stated above.
For more information, please call 1300 888 888.
Fee and charges applicable. For full Terms and Conditions and applicable fees and charges, please click here.
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