Biometrics Login Service

The Standard Chartered Biometrics login service with your face ID and fingerprint provides faster mobile banking access to your accounts anytime, anywhere.

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Standard Chartered Mobile Banking app has been available in the App Store and Google Play

Yes, you need to register for this SC Biometrics Login service. If you do not want to use this service you can use the existing login method with your current Online Banking username and password.

  • Step 1: Tap on the fingerprint icon in login screen of Mobile Banking app.
  • Step 2: Activate SC Biometrics Login service by logging in with your online banking username and password.
  • Step 3: Click ‘Enable’ in the notification.
  • Step 4: Once you see the dialog box, place your registered finger at fingerprint scanner in device to complete registration and login using SC Biometrics Login Please note: If you click ‘Cancel’ in the dialog box, registration is cancelled. If you still wish to use SC Biometrics login service, you have to perform the whole process again using your Online Banking User name and password.

No. You can only use Biometrics Login Service to login your Mobile Banking. For transactions, existing 2FA authentication will be used (eTAC).

Yes. you can disable this service by using the left menu in SC Mobile app. You can use this feature pre- and post-login, from the left menu.

Yes, SC Biometrics Login feature will be disabled immediately when:

  • There is any change to Fingerprint/Face registered in mobile device (e.g. add or delete fingerprint/ face record);
  • There is any change to Online Banking Username and Password;
  • Another user login on to the same device using different Username and Password;
  • Biometrics login attempts consecutive failure

If more than 1 fingerprints have been registered in your device before you register SC Biometrics Login service, any registered fingerprint can be used for the service.

Your fingerprints data stored in your device is encrypted and will remain protected. However, in case your device is lost or stolen, we recommend that you contact the service provider to deactivate the SIM immediately and inform Standard Chartered immediately.

You will be prompted to re-register for the SC Biometrics Login Service for security reason.

You will be prompted to re-register for the Biometrics Login Service for security reason.

In this case, you still can download SC Mobile Banking app but SC Biometrics Login service will not be available. You can login by using your Online banking username and password.

  • Apple iOS version 9.0.2 or above
  • Android OS version 6.0 or above
Biometric login - Standard Chartered Vietnam The easier way to bank, with your biometrics.


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