• Check your Current Account balances anytime, anywhere.(*)
  • Check 5 recent transactions of Current Account (*)
  • Transfer fund between your own accounts at Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) Limited branches(*)(**)
  • Request Cheque Book and Adhoc Statement (*)
  • Free other SMS Alerts including: Time Deposit Maturity, Time Deposit Rollover and more (***)

(*) Mobile network SMS charges apply. Get a copy of the SMS Banking Pocket Guide at our branch.
(**) Fund transfer between accounts with same currency only.
(***) Some alerts may not available every day, Please refer to section “Available date for each type of Alert” below for more details.

User Instruction

Please refer to “FAQ” for more details.

Registration instruction

  • Method 1: Contact Client Contact Centre via hotline (84 28) 3 911 0000 / (84 24) 3 696 0000;
  • Method 2: Register via Online Banking. For more details www.sc.com/vn/ib/userguide

Service Activation

  1. After successfully register for the service, you will receive SMS for activate.
  2. Register Pincode (****) for SMS Banking Service by texting RG <space>Pincode to 8069. Example: RG 1234 send to 8069.
  3. The system will send notification to confirm the new successfully registered Pincode. SMS Banking is ready to serve you 24/7 by texting to 8069

(****) PinCode for SMS Banking service consist of 4 digits number and will be required for all of your enquiries SMS.

SMS Structure for enquiries via SMS Banking

In order to send request via SMS Banking Service, please prepare SMS follow the “SMS Structure” as in the table below then send to 8069.

Request SMS Structure
Register RG<space>PinCode(1)
Account Balance Enquiry BE<space>PinCode(1)<space>Account's Shortcode(2)
Last 5 Account Transactions TH<space>PinCode(1)<space>Account's Shortcode(2)
Account Fund Transfer FT <space>PinCode(1)<space> Debiting Account's Shortcode(2) <space>Crediting Account's Shortcode(2)<space> Amount
Cheque Book Request CB<space>PinCode(1)<space>Account's Shortcode(2)<space> b
Adhoc Statement Request AS<space>PinCode(1)<space>Account's Shortcode(2)
Change PinCode PC<space>Old PinCode(1)<space>New PinCode(1)
Unsubscrible Service UNSUB<space>PinCode(1)
Help HL<space>PinCode(1)

Important notice:

  • (1)PinCode is the Pincode for using SMS Banking which you have registered when subscribed the service. If you forgot your Pincode please contact our Client Contact Centre via Hotline (84 28) 3 911 0000 / (84 24) 3 696 0000
  • (2)Account’s Shortcode can be found and changed in “Change SMS Banking Settings” in Online Banking. For more details please refer to www.sc.com/vn/ib/userguide or contact our Client Contact Centre via (84 28) 3 911 0000 / (84 24) 3 696 0000
  • (3)Important notice for fund transfer request via SMS Banking:
    1. This request is only applicable for transfers within your own accounts except your joint accounts
    2. Minimum transfer amount is 100,000VND & maximum one is 100,000,000 VND

Available date for each type of Alert

Type of Alert Date
Account transactions All day (24/7)
Time Deposit Maturity / Time Deposit Rollover Except Monday, Sunday and Holidays



1. What is Standard Chartered SMS banking?

  • It is a new service offered by Standard Chartered for Clients to monitor, manage account and personal information. In addition, by using your Mobile phone to send and receive SMS Text messages, you can perform basic banking transactions and account enquiries.

    Standard Chartered SMS banking comprises of services:
  • SMS alert: If there is any change about your account and personal information (account balance, fixed deposit maturity or roll over, address, phone number, etc.), you will receive an SMS alert to notify you about the change.
  • Pull service: you send us an SMS message following the provided syntax, we will execute the request and send you the result via SMS to your phone. For example: Text “BE PINCODE Account’short name” to 8069 for balance enquiry.

2. What can I do with SMS banking services?

  • SMS alerts:
    • Banking transaction: change account balance
    • Foreign exchange rates
    • Time deposit maturity or rollover

  • Pull services
    • Account balance inquiry
    • Five (5) latest transactions inquiry
    • Transfer between your own accounts of the same currency
    • Cheque book request
    • Account statement request
    • Change PIN code
    • Unsubscribe service
    • Get help

3. Is it Safe & Secure?

  • Yes, with the below reasons:

    • You must explicitly register for the service and register your mobile phone number that will receive all information about your accounts and other services whenever you use SMS banking. Your phone number is uniquely linked to your accounts, so that other users cannot view your details.
    • Pull services:
    (i) You must provide correct 4-character PINCODE that you have selected when you registered for the SMS banking service in each request. If you don’t provide PINCODE or provide the wrong one, system will reject your request.
    (ii) SMS pull services only allow you to transfer money between your own accounts, cannot transfer to others accounts even within Standard Chartered.

4. What security precautions should I take to maintain the security of the service?

  • Choose a unique 4 character PIN code: it may contain letters as well as numbers. Don’t use an existing PIN (e.g. your ATM PIN) or simple PIN like 1234.
  • Once you have already saved your account details, please delete messages in your phone.

5. Is SMS Banking available to all Standard Chartered Clients?

  • All Clients that have at least one Current Account are eligible for the service. Signing up is easy and free.

6. Is there any age restriction to use SMS Banking?

  • As long as you are a Client of Standard Chartered, you are eligible for the service.
How to use

1. How can I register SMS banking?

  • You can register SMS banking through Online banking, Mobile banking app, Client Care Centre (24/7) or any branch of Standard Chartered. Registration is very simple and free.
  • Click here for instruction about how to register SMS banking through Online banking/ Mobile banking app

2. Where can I find the account short code used in pull service structure?

  • Logon Online banking or Mobile banking app
  • Click on your Profile in home page and select option “Change SMS banking settings”
  • Select tab “SMS Banking Settings”
  • You can find your account short code under “Branch Banking Account” section at “account shortcode”

    Note: you can change your Account short code but it contains maximum 4 characters only for each account short code

3. How many accounts can I use for this service?

  • You can use SMS banking for all of your current accounts.

4. Can I use SMS banking for joint account?

  • SMS alert: you can use SMS alert normally for joint account.
  • You can use all function of pull service, except transfer.

5. Are the syntax in pull service case-sensitive?

  • No, any combination of upper or lower case is valid

6. Where can I use SMS banking

  • You can use anywhere inside your mobile network coverage. However, you may not receive the alerts if you are using roaming service or your phone is outside your mobile network coverage. The result depends on the network provider.

7. Can I use SMS Banking on more than one phone?

  • No, only one mobile number can be linked to your accounts for security purpose.

8. What should I do if I lost my phone?

  • You must contact Standard Chartered immediately and we will suspend your service. Once your phone service is re-stored, you can contact us again to re-activate your service.

9. How can I cancel the transfer request made via pull service?

  • Transfer request made via pull service is processed automatically after you send your request. Therefore, it cannot be cancelled. However, you can send another request to send the money back if needed.

10. Can other users transfer money out of my account via pull service?

  • No, all the requests are protected by PIN and transfer request is applicable for own-account transfer only.

11. What is the limit for each transfer via pull service?

  • Minimum amount of each transfer: VND100,000
  • Maximum amount of each transfer: VND100,000,000

12. Can I place a future transfer via pull service?

  • Future transfer is not yet available in pull service and only instant transfer is accepted. You can use Online banking or Mobile banking app to place future transfers.

13. How long will it take to receive account balance or account statement in pull service?

  • Your request is processed immediately. However, it also depends on your mobile network. Normally, you receive feedback from SMS banking within 60 seconds. You may have to wait in case there is any network issue or traffic when many people send message at a same time (e.g. during public holidays, Tet holidays).

14. What number do I send my SMS Request to?

  • All pull service requests are send to 8069.

15. What should I do if I do not receive SMS alert?

Please perform one of the below action and try again

  • Delete some messages sent from Standard Chartered on your phone.
  • Restart your phone
  • Remove the SIM and insert it to another phone

    After trying all of the above but still fail to receive alert, please contact our Client Care Centre for further support.

16. What should I do if I want to change language of SMS content?

You can select one of the below methods

  • Using Online banking or Mobile banking app
    •Logon Online banking or Mobile banking app
    •Click on your Profile in home page and select option “Change SMS banking settings”
    •Select tab “SMS Banking Settings”
    •You can find “Preferred language” under Customer information section and select your language

  • Call our Client Care Centre
  • Visit our nearest branch

17. What is the SMS Banking fee?

  • Please click here of the most updated tariff of the Bank
  • SMS banking fee is free for Priority Clients
  • Please note that your mobile network operator will charge based on their current tariff whenever you send an alert. Please contact your mobile network operator for more details
Mobile phone requirements

1. I have disconnected my mobile phone or changed mobile service providers. Will my SMS Banking service continue to work?

  • No. Your phone number is linked to the service. You must immediately inform Standard Chartered when your mobile contact details change.

2. Does Standard Chartered SMS Banking work on most pre-paid phone service plans?

  • Yes, we support both pre-paid and post-paid phone numbers.

3. Which mobile service providers support SMS banking?

  • The vast majority of network operators support SMS messaging. Please contact your network provider for more information.

Terms and Conditions

For SMS Banking

All Terms and Conditions of personal account apply
Standard Chartered has sole discretion to change the Terms & Rates without period notice.

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