What is a chip and PIN card?

A chip and PIN card is issued by banks to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities on your card at ATMs and merchant outlets.

Will the new debit card look the same?

No, the card appearance will change. Your card design will be a new one. In addition, there will be a square chip on the face of the debit card.

How will I get my PIN?

If you receive a new Chip and PIN debit card with the same card number as before then, your debit card PIN will not change. This will continue to be the same PIN which you currently use at the ATM.

If you receive a new Chip and PIN debit card with a different card number then, both your card number and your PIN will change. You will need to set up a new PIN through calling the phone banking number.

How do I activate my new debit card?

If your new card number is the same as old one, you simply need to use it at any ATM with your existing PIN. Your old card will then automatically get disabled. However, you still need to dispose of this old card securely by destroying it.

If your new card number is different, you will have to generate the PIN via Standard Chartered Phone Banking and then use it at any ATM. Your old card will then get disabled automatically. However, you will still need to dispose off this old card securely by destroying it.

Can I use my debit card for online transactions?

This facility will be enabled later, at which point you will be informed by the bank.

Follow these 3 easy steps

  • 1

    Hand your card to the cashier, or if requested, place it directly into the terminal like this.

  • 2

    Follow the prompts on the terminal. When requested to do so enter your PIN on the keypad. (It's the same number you use at the ATM). By entering your PIN you are agreeing to pay the amount shown. You'll not at any point see your PIN as you enter it. For security reasons it will always appear as **** just like when you use an ATM. If you make a mistake simply press 'CLEAR' and try again. At no point should you reveal your PIN to anyone. Once you have tapped in your PIN press 'Enter'.

  • 3

    Once the transaction is completed the terminal will prompt you or the cashier to remove the card. Take your card and your receipt.