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Multi Currency Account

Access up to 14 currencies in one debit card

Why a Multi-Currency Account?

An innovative way to have 14 currencies on your trip or when shopping online, using one debit card.

Benefits of choosing a Multi-Currency Account

Link & fund up to 14 currencies

Transact and pay in 14 currencies using your multi-currency debit card

Save on conversion fees

Avoid currency conversion charges when you use your Multi-Currency debit card on foreign currency spends

Easy and convenient

Enable and manage your Multi-Currency Account from anywhere in the world with the SC Mobile app

Fund and convert at competitive rates

Fund your account easily and convert at competitive FX rates with the SC Mobile app

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Get started in 4 easy steps


Log in to the SC Mobile app or Online Banking and tap on the Multi-Currency Account option under your account.


Choose the currency you need. Tap + to select your preferred currency account


View the exchange rate for the transfer amount and swipe.


You’re done. Request for your Multi-Currency Debit Card to be delivered.

If you are a UAE resident, you will automatically enjoy access to UAE Dirham Current account(s). You may enable the multi-currency feature on eligible Current account(s) for one or more foreign currency, subject to the following requirements:

  • You must be the primary account holder on the account(s)
  • Your account(s) is opened as an individual account (joint accounts are not eligible)
  • Your account(s) must be valid and in good standing in accordance with UAE Central Bank regulations and Standard Chartered Terms and Conditions
  • You are able to view an option to enable the multi-currency feature for your account(s) on your online banking or SC Mobile, and
  • You satisfy such other requirements as may be prescribed by us from time to time.

If you hold a Standard Chartered Current Account, Salary Account or Saadiq Current Account, proceed to enable the feature via i-Banking/ SC Mobile.

  • Step 1: Log on to your online banking/ SC Mobile and follow the on-screen guide.
  • Step 2: Under eligible account, click on a currency tile to enable that currency.
  • Step 3: Transfer funds to the chosen currency and the chosen currency is now enabled for use.
  • Step 4: Apply for a Visa Multi-Currency debit card.

You can enable up to 14 foreign currencies on your eligible accounts. These currencies are:

  1. AED (UAE Dirham)
  2. USD (US Dollar)
  3. GBP (British Pound Sterling)
  4. EUR (Euro)
  5. CHF (Swiss Franc)
  6. AUD (Australian Dollar)
  7. SGD (Singapore Dollar)
  8. CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  9. HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
  10. JPY (Japanese Yen)
  11. NOK (Norwegian Krone)
  12. NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
  13. SEK (Swedish Krona) and
  14. ZAR (South African Rand)

For retail transactions in a foreign currency, you will not incur the debit card processing fee charges if you:

i) Successfully enable the respective currency on your eligible account(s) before using your Visa multi-currency enabled debit card, and

ii) Have sufficient balance in that currency for your transaction.

For overseas cash withdrawal, you will not incur additional processing fee charges if you:

i) Successfully enable the respective currency on your eligible account(s) before using your Visa multi-currency enabled debit card, and

ii) Have sufficient foreign currency balance in your multi-currency account.

Note: Please refer to our Service and Price guide; Fees which may be levied by other banks in UAE or overseas for accessing their ATM network, will continue to apply.

You do not need a multi-currency debit card to enable the feature; if you have a non-multi-currency debit card issued on the eligible account, you will have the option to request for a multi-currency enabled Visa debit card through your online banking or SC Mobile. If you choose not to opt for the debit card, you may not be able to fully utilise the multi-currency feature on the account.

“In order to enable the multi-currency feature on your account(s) for the first time and/or fund a particular foreign currency balance in your account for the first time, you must select a foreign currency from the available currencies displayed on online banking or SC Mobile for your eligible account, and transfer funds in that selected currency from one of your existing accounts (maintained with us) to your eligible account. The funds transfer amount will be converted at a rate offered by the bank from time to time.

For subsequent transfers to already enabled foreign currencies, you may choose to fund the relevant foreign currency balances in your eligible account from any of your existing account(s) (maintained with us) similar to any funds transfers that you initiate between your own accounts.”