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Credit Card – Important information

  1. An Annual Fee for Primary Card(s) may be chargeable from the first year.




Manhattan Platinum (Visa) Platinum X


Annual Fee

(for Primary)

Staff AED 1,575

Waived for first year

AED 525


Waived (for non- cashback card holders)

Waived AED 525


Waived (for non- cashback card holders)

Non-staff AED 1,575 AED 525 AED 525 AED 525
Annual Fee

(for Supplementary)

Staff Free Free Free Free
Non-staff 2 cards first year free then AED  525 from second year

3rd card onwards AED  525 from first year

2 cards free


3rd card onwards AED  105 from first year

2 cards free


3rd card onwards AED 157.50 from first year

2 cards free


3rd card onwards AED  105 from first year

 Finance charges

Type of Credit Card Infinite (Visa) / Platinum (Mastercard) / Manhattan Platinum (Visa) / Platinum X (Mastercard)
Retail Transactions Finance Charge (interest)* 3.45% per month
Cash Advance Finance Charge (interest) 3.75% per month
Cash Advance Fee Staff Waived
Non-staff 3.15% on value of transaction or AED 105 (whichever is higher)

Note: *If you do not make full payment, interest will be calculated daily as per the rates applicable on each credit card type.

  1. You are expected to make a minimum payment due of 1% of the principal balance plus all fees and charges (finance charges, late payment charge etc) or AED 110, whichever is higher, appearing on your monthly statement, on or before the payment due date.
  1. If the minimum payment due is not paid on or before the due date, a late payment charge of AED 241.50 will be levied on the credit card account in addition to the monthly finance charges.
  1. No finance charge (excluding for cash advances) will be levied if payment is received in full by the due date and there is no credit card account balance carried forward from the previous statement.
  1. If your credit card account balance goes over the set credit limit at any point in time, your credit card account will be charged an over-limit fee of AED 292.95. This fee will be applied on your statement date each month until you are within your credit limit. Please ensure to clear the over-limit amount immediately.
  1. For transactions performed/acquired internationally or in any currency other than UAE Dirham, a foreign transaction fee of up to 2.99% of the transaction amount is charged in addition to the standard processing fee charged by Mastercard or Visa. The exchange rate is determined by Mastercard or Visa within a range of wholesale market rates in effect on the date of conversion.
  1. If you choose to settle your credit card outstanding through the UAE Central Bank Direct Debit System (UAEDDS), ensure that the Direct Debit Authority (DDA) is set-up. Each set-up, amendment or cancellation of UAEDDS will be charged a fee. Otherwise, please make alternative arrangements to pay your credit card monthly outstanding preferably through our Online or Mobile Banking.
  1. You understand that non-payment of monthly credit card dues will translate to blocking of your credit card which will negatively impact your credit rating and may jeopardise your access to future borrowing from any lending institution. Please note that the Bank will also take action to collect any unpaid dues, including legal action, where necessary.
  1. All fees and charges listed are inclusive of 5% Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.

Please refer to the Service and Price Guide for latest fees and charges, to find out more visit sc.com/ae.

Your acceptance of the credit card delivery shall imply your acceptance of the Client and Credit Card Terms and Conditions (available on our website sc.com/ae or at any of our branches). Please note that this document is for your convenience only, and does not replace the Client and Credit Card Terms and Conditions.