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Redeem reward points the way you like it.

With Purchase with Rewards, you can redeem exactly what you want on your next purchase.

  • Great flexibility
    Great flexibility

    You can choose any transaction for redemption

  • Easy set up
    Easy set up

    You can use Purchase with Rewards by activation of functionality on online or mobile banking.

  • Instant redemption
    Instant redemption

    Your next purchase is automatically offset using reward points, in real time.

Feature available on below credit cards

  • World Elite Mastercard
    World Elite Mastercard

    Experience a world of unique benefits and privileges with World Elite Mastercard

  • World Mastercard credit card
    World Mastercard credit card

    Earn Rewards Points whenever you shop, dine and travel

How it works


Log in to Online Banking --> credit Cards --> Card Details

Step 1


Click on “My rewards” button

Step 2


Click on “Purchase with Rewards” button

Step 3


Select one card for “Purchase with Rewards” and submit

Step 4



Step 5

View Demo Video

Purchase with Rewards FAQs

What is Purchase with Rewards?

It is a feature that allows you to pay for your next single purchase using Reward Points. You can use Purchase with Rewards by activation of this feature on your card via Online Banking.

How do I activate it?
  • Log on to online/mobile banking
  • Proceed to the ‘Credit Cards’ tab on the Menu and click on ‘Card Details’
  • Click on ‘My Rewards’ button
  • Click on the ‘Purchase with Rewards’ button
  • Select one card for ‘Purchase with Rewards’
  • Submit
  • When you perform your next transaction on this credit card the transaction will be paid using your Reward Points that you had selected.
How do I deactivate it?

Follow the activation process and simply click on the credit card you have selected and uncheck the box.

How does Purchase with Rewards work?

It works in 2 ways: full redemption and partial redemption. For an illustration, please see examples below:

A. Full redemption example - if you do a transaction post activating Purchase with Rewards

  • Transaction value - BHD50
  • Accumulated Reward Points - BHD90
  • Subsequent to transaction the transaction amount will get automatically credited to your credit card as follows
    • Amount credited to your credit card account - BHD50
    • Amount debited to your Reward Points - BHD50
    • Reward Points balance - BHD40

Partial redemption example - if you do a transaction post activating Purchase with Rewards

  • Transaction value - BHD100
  • Accumulated Reward Points - BHD80
  • Subsequent to transaction the transaction amount will get automatically credited to your credit card as follows:
    • Amount credited to your credit card account - BHD80
    • Amount debited to your Reward Points - BHD80
    • Reward Points balance - BHD0
  • Any transaction(s) on that card after the above single transaction will revert to regular transactions which is not payable by use or redemption of such Reward Points.
What transactions will be excluded from this feature?
  • Bank initiated charges like Fees, Interest
  • Cash advance
  • Balance Transfer
How long will the redemption take?

The rewards redemption will be in real time.

When will the cashback be posted to my credit card account and how will I be able to see it?

The cashback will be credited to your credit card account within 24 hours. You will be able to see it through online or mobile banking.

Will overseas transactions be included? Will it be the authorised amount or the posted amount that will be paid with rewards?

Yes, overseas transactions will be included. Note that overseas or non-local transactions are subject to the same exchange rate of that which applies to currency conversions on your card. The amount redeemed via Purchase with Rewards will be the authorised amount.

What happens if I cancel my next transaction?

This will not impact your ‘purchase with rewards’ the credit to your credit card remains and the debit to your reward points will not be reversed.

I have more than one credit card. Do I need to register each one of them for this feature?

To keep the process simple, you can only select one credit card at a time for Purchase with Rewards

Are all my credit cards eligible for Purchase with Rewards?

All your reward points earning cards are eligible for Purchase with Rewards.

How can I view the status of my previous orders?

You will be able to view the credit in your credit card statement. The debit to the reward points will be reflected in your Reward Points Summary in the monthly statement.

Will I earn rewards points on the next transaction?

Yes, you will earn reward points on your next transaction

When do my Reward Points expire ?

Reward Points are valid for a period of three (3) years from the date received. Unused reward points will expire at the end of validity period

Terms & Conditions

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