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The deposit maintained in your Saadiq Savings account is used for financing of Islamic assets only.

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Make cash withdrawals quickly and easily at our wide network of branches and ATMs.

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Enjoy the premium service and convenience in accessing your savings via our branches as well as alternate channels.

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Use your Visa Debit Card for cash withdrawal at no cost on any SCB ATM.

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Manage your money easily with our online and mobile banking platform. SC Mobile is available on the iPhone and Android mobile device.

Client will not get any interest in Saadiq Savings account. They will earn a profit on their balance.

Saadiq Savings Account is based on the concept of Mudaraba. The profits from Islamic assets are shared between you and the Bank. Profit is calculated on the average monthly balance maintained in your accounts. Hence the more you save, the higher profit you will earn.

Mudaraba is essentially a portfolio performance based arrangement wherein one party (Customer) provides funds while another party (Bank) invests those funds to earn profits to be shared between the two parties. Conceptually, the resulting profit from the venture is shared between the parties as per an agreed ratio while loss if any has to be borne solely by the investing party/parties.

Saadiq Savings Account If you wish to save, earn profit and want to keep the fund growing then Saadiq savings account is the correct solution.


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