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Pay to mobile number (SC Pay) transfer service Terms & Conditions


  1. These Terms of Pay to mobile number (SC Pay) Transfer Service (as modified and amended from time to time, these “Terms”) apply to the service of money transfer using mobile phone numbers (the “Service”) provided by Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd. (the “Bank”) and are legally binding upon the Client and the Bank. Both the Client and the Bank shall observe and abide by these Terms.
  2. Before applying to the Bank for enabling the Service or starting the use of the Service for the first time, the Client should read these Terms carefully and fully understand the provisions set forth in these Terms. The Client shall be entitled to request the Bank to provide full explanation and clarification in relation to these Terms. By applying to the Bank for enabling the Service or starting the use of the Service for the first time, the Client shall be deemed to have carefully read, understood and accepted these Terms and agreed to be bound by these Terms.



  1. For the purpose of these Terms, the Service refers to the service that enables the Client to associate his/her mobile phone number registered with the Bank with a Renminbi bank account (including Type I settlement accounts and Type II and Type III savings accounts) he/she holds with the Bank via online banking or mobile banking, so that the Client may pay money to or receive money from other banks using his/her registered mobile phone number in lieu of his/her account number or card number.
  2. After the Service is enabled, the Client may, via the Bank’s online banking or mobile banking offerings, make inquiries about the bank account linked to his/her mobile phone number, change his/her default account, and change or deregister the bank account so linked.
  3. The Client may associate one mobile phone number with more than one bank account held by him/her with different banks. When the Client’s mobile phone number is linked to more than one bank account in different banks, the Client may set one of these bank accounts as his/her default account, and payments made by using the Client’s mobile phone number will first be transferred into such default account. Where no default account is set by the Client, the first bank account linked to the Client’s mobile phone number will serve as the default account.
  4. The mobile phone number of the Client may only be associated with one Renminbi account held by the Client with the Bank. If the Client holds both a Type I settlement account and a Type II or III savings account with the Bank, he/she can only associate his/her mobile phone number with one of these accounts for money transfer purpose.



  1. The Client must be the owner of the mobile phone number he/she uses in registering to use the Service. When the Client registers for the use of the Service, the Bank will send a SMS verification code to the mobile phone number pre-registered by the Client with the Bank for identity verification. The Client shall be solely liable for any and all risks and liabilities associated with, among others, the suspension or termination of the Service, or any loss of funds, caused by the Client not being the owner of the mobile phone number registered or providing the wrong mobile phone number for registration.
  2. In the event that the Client’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, the Client shall recover his/her mobile phone number as soon as possible. If the Client’s mobile phone number changes, the client is required to unsubscribe for the “Pay to Mobile Number” (SC Pay) service associated with his/her original mobile number via online or mobile banking, and he/she shall immediately register for the mobile number change at any branch. After the new mobile number is registered with the bank, the bank will terminate the service if the original mobile number is still associate with any account. The Client need to register for “Pay to Mobile Number” service with the new mobile number. The Bank is not liable for any loss of funds or risks arising as a result of the Client’s failure to promptly update the mobile phone number he/she registers with the Bank.
  3. In order to associate the Client’s mobile phone number with a Renminbi account with the Bank which has been opened for more than six months, the Client must make sure that there are actual fund transactions (such as cash withdrawal, fund transfer, payment for goods or services) on such account within the six months since the opening of such account.
  4. Transfers using mobile phone numbers are limited to RMB10,000 per transaction and shall be subject to the daily cumulative amount limits and transaction number limits imposed on payments to be made by the Client through the online banking system. The Client may set up such limits using the “Change Funds Transfer Limit” function under the “Online Banking” page of the Bank. Transaction limits for Type II and Type III accounts are also subject to the provisions of the Bank’s instructions to applicants for opening Renminbi savings accounts (Type II/III).
  5. If the mobile phone number to be registered by the Client with the Bank has already been registered by another person, the Client shall, after receiving the Bank’s notice, bring in person his/her valid identity document and mobile phone to the account opening office of the Bank for verification and confirmation within the designated time limit. The Client shall be liable for any risk or loss of funds suffered by him/her as a result of his/her failure to promptly complete such verification. The Bank has the right to terminate the mobile money transfer function made available to the Client when it cannot reach the Client.
  6. The Bank shall have the right to, taking into account the actual circumstances of a transaction, deal with the accounting issues arising out of temporary network communication failure or other reasons in the course of the transaction.



The Bank shall take necessary safety measures as required by the laws of the People’s Republic of China to keep in confidence the personal financial data of the Client and shall take the corresponding legal obligations and liabilities in connection therewith in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.



These Terms are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions of Bank Accounts and Services and/or the Terms of Personal Electronic Banking Services of the Bank. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and the Terms and Conditions of Bank Accounts and Services and/or the Terms of Personal Electronic Banking Services, these Terms shall prevail to the extent of the Bank’s Pay to mobile number (SC Pay) transfer services.


The English translation is for reference only and the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

These Terms and Conditions are published on the official website of SCB from now on and will take effect on [2022-11-08].