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Terms of Overseas Remittance of Electronic Banking services of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited


  1. Terms of Overseas Remittance of Electronic Banking services of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited (as may be varied and amended from time to time, hereinafter referred to as these “Terms”) shall apply to the overseas remittance services through Online Banking and Mobile Banking provided by Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “Us”) and shall be legally binding on customers and us. Both customers and we shall comply with the Terms.
  2. The overseas remittance transaction of Electronic Banking services of the Bank referred in the Terms is the foreign currency overseas remittance transaction applied through personal online banking or mobile banking. It allows you to perform a cross-border transfer of funds from your Standard Chartered Bank Account to (a) any Bank Account in another country, any Card issued by a Designated Card Issuer.
  3. The Customer shall designate the foreign currency savings account under his/her name as remittance account.
  4. You must first register each recipient using online banking/mobile banking before you make an International Funds Transfer to that recipient. Once a recipient has been registered, you are solely responsible to update any changes to the recipient’s particulars (excluding name or identity particulars) via the electronic banking services. You are also solely responsible for ensuring that the correct funds transfer amount is reflected whenever you make an International Funds Transfer. We are not liable for any loss which may result if you fail to update the recipient’s particulars before making a funds transfer or if the fund transfer amount indicated is incorrect.
  1. Depending on the nature of your source account and the Recipient Account stipulated in your International Fund Transfer instruction, we will select the most appropriate method by which to perform your International Funds Transfer request (e.g. SWIFT, or other most appropriate method considered by bank) and make use of an appropriate correspondent, agent, card association(s) and/or other agency, where necessary, to do so.
  2. You understand that the rate of exchange applicable to each International Funds Transfer request is our prevailing rate of exchange for the relevant currencies at the time the funds transfer is processed. The Customer hereby authorizes the Bank to deduct from the account designated by the Customer the service fees for such remittance transaction according to the Bank’s tariff standards. After the Bank’s receipt of the Customer’s transaction instruction via personal online/mobile banking service, the Banks has the right to debit all relevant transaction fees from the Customer’s account prior to performing relevant transaction instructions. The date of receipt of the application will be as per the date in the bank system.
  3. You understand that International Funds Transfers may be processed solely based on the:
    • (i) Bank Account number of the recipient where the transfer is to a Bank Account;
    • (ii) Card number of the recipient where the transfer is to a Card account.
    • as indicated by you in the International Funds Transfer instruction, and not necessarily the name or other particulars of the recipient that you may have provided. Accordingly, your International Funds Transfer request may be processed even if the name of the recipient does not match the Recipient Account particulars provided pursuant to 7(i), (ii) above.
  1. The application for overseas remittance transaction through personal online/mobile banking service and the instruction issued by the Customer shall not be revoked unless otherwise agreed by the bank and is possible to revoke.
  2. We cannot guarantee the time at which the funds transferred pursuant to your International Funds Transfer Instruction will be credited into the Recipient’s Account. Any timelines that we may provide for an International Funds Transfer are purely indicative and for informational purposes only.
  3. Without prejudice to any other provision in our Relevant Terms, we will not be liable for any loss or damage to you for any delays or faults of any kind in the International Funds Transfer, or in any message, or instruction by mail, facsimile, telegraph, cable, electronic transmission or such other method.
  4. Each International Funds Transfer transaction is subject to minimum and maximum transfer amounts per transaction. For specific transfer limits please refer to “Terms and Conditions of Online Banking Terms & Conditions”.
  5. In any of the following cases, the Bank is entitled to reject the transaction application:
    • (i)The remittance information such as the beneficiary’s bank name is incorrect;
    • (ii)The balance of designated remittance account and service fees account is insufficient;
    • (iii)Other conditions as the Bank may consider appropriate.
    • The Customer may re-apply or go to Bank branches if the Bank rejects his/her application.
  1. When the overseas bank (including but not limited beneficiary’s bank or correspondent of beneficiary’s bank) changes the inquiry or returns the remittance after the Bank completes the transaction, the Bank can notify the Customer through his/her contact method reserved during submitting transaction application to modify his/her application or handle entry procedures at the designated branch. The Customer will be liable for the cost incurred in accordance with the E-banking Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Bank is entitled to revise the list of overseas designated Card Issuers and/or account types that are eligible to receive International Funds Transfers. If the modification of related service functions results in the change to the Terms, the Bank is entitled to modify the Terms and publicize related changes through the official website, written announcements or other appropriate channels.
  3. All remittances shall be completed in accordance with foreign exchange-related laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, regulatory requirements and applicable account service terms and conditions, fees and other terms specified by the bank.
  4. The Terms shall serve as supplementary terms to the , and/or the . In case the Terms conflict in any way with the , and/or the , the Terms shall prevail with respect to Overseas Remittance of Electronic Banking services.
  5. If the Terms have an English version, such English version shall be intended for reference only; in case of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


Importance Notice

We, and any other bank involved in a remittance, must comply with applicable laws and regulations including those related to sanctions. In international remittances, applicable laws and regulations of other countries must also be complied with. A remittance may be delayed or declined when we, or other banks involved in the remittance, believe a sanctioned country, person or entity are involved, or sanctions-related policies and laws have been breached. We may share information of a remittance as necessary. If a remittance is returned to us, we will return it to you if it is lawful to do so.


Enhancing Our Anti-money Laundering Procedures

In line with enhancements to our Group Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Procedures we now require the following information for all cross-border payment transactions, regardless of currency:

  1. The beneficiary’s full name, account number and address including country/market
  2. Your full name, account number and address including country/market (please note that when using Online or Mobile Banking, we already have your details on account and will automatically use them in your transaction, but if you have changed your contact details, could you please update them online, through phone banking or at your nearest branch)

Thank you for your cooperation with this very important initiative. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the above, please contact your Relationship Manager or your local Phone Banking Hotlines.