Boosting power in Uganda

A Ugandan power plant

Currently only five per cent of Uganda’s population has access to electricity, and in some of the most densely populated rural areas just two per cent have a power supply.

Power is such a rare commodity in Uganda that more than one per cent of the country's 53 million population have resorted to their own sources of power using fossil fuel generator sets, car batteries and solar photovoltaic systems.

How we've helped

By forming partnerships in Uganda with independent power providers, local government, and the key power distribution companies, we have created a financing solution which by 2015 will have boosted Uganda’s power grid by 20 per cent.

Through our finance facility, Uganda’s power grid will gain an additional 100MW of power generation: almost a quarter more than their current capacity.

What’s next?

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Building efficiently

Our Tianjin office exemplifies efficiency, using less water & electricity than similar buildings.

How we're wasting less

Africa is growing fast

Africa is growing fast

Africa's growth has been aided by a number of factors including favourable demographics and trade flows.


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