Margaret Harwood-Jones

Co-head, Financing & Securities Services

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Based in Singapore, Margaret joined the Bank in January 2013. Her initial responsibility was leading the business agenda for Financial Intermediates and Institutional Investor clients globally, across cash management, securities services, and trade finance.

In August 2016, Margaret was appointed to her current role. Her responsibility is to provide strategic leadership for the Securities Services business globally, managing all the business unit functions including Operations, Technology, Client Management, Business Development, and Product Management. She represents the business both across the wider Bank and in the external market. Her former duty remains in place within this broader remit.

Margaret has over three decades of experience in financial services, almost 20 years of which has been within the securities services industry. Previously in senior manager positions at BNP Paribas, and before that at HSBC, Margaret has undertaken roles in global sales management, relationship and service management, marketing, strategic development, and business unit leadership for global custody and corporate trustee activities.


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