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Shoaib Yaqub

Global Head, Capital Structure Advisory

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Meet the author

Shoaib Yaqub was appointed as the Global Head of Capital Structure Advisory team (CSA) formerly Financing Solutions & Advisory in March 2020, a team that he helped establish since joining Standard Chartered in 2014. CSA has since become an integral part of the bank’s corporate client coverage model, where it excels in providing regular thematic, capital structure, and risk management insights to key corporate clients across a number of sectors.

Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Shoaib was part of a similar advisory function at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Shoaib holds an actuarial science degree from the London School of Economics, is a fellow at the ICAEW, and a CFA charter holder.

Insights Insights by Shoaib

Eyes on the prize: Why funding balance sheet efficiency is key for 2022

Funding diversity and working capital efficiency are strategically critical to address intensifying capital structure pressure

| 20 Jan 2022

The USD80 bn opportunity: why working capital management is vital to future-proofing FMCG

While the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector performed relatively well during Covid-19, it was not immune to shifts in consumer…

| 15 Dec 2021

Beyond the pandemic: why the pharma sector needs to focus on working capital

The pharma industry has historically had little need for working capital optimisation strategies, but times are changing.

| 22 Jun 2021

FMCG – COVID-19 Has Changed the Game

While exposing material credit weakness for the most vulnerable sectors, the pandemic has arguably highlighted a need for structural change…

| 2 Oct 2020

Beyond the COVID-19 shock: revisiting capital allocation

As the challenge of surviving COVID-19 gives way to opportunities and potential for growth, how can CFOs and treasurers make…

| 21 Jul 2020

Can your capital structure withstand the next recession?

As economic storm clouds gather, CFOs are rightly questioning whether their capital structures are flexible enough to withstand a downturn.

| 16 Aug 2019