Up to 3,000 Asia
Miles Online
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Free Online
Banking Interbank
Fund Transfer (2)

Features :


  • One deposits account for all your deposits and transaction needs.
  • Just change the last digit of the savings account number from "1" to "0" to indicate the current account.
  • Specify the currency code to indicate specific sub-account.
  • Single-step add-on account procedure can be done at branch or online.


  • Free online interbank fund transfer service.
  • Standard Chartered Mobile to track transactions, pay bills and transfer money on the go.
  • Online account opening(3).
  • Access to HKD and RMB account via our Dual Currency ATM Card.
  • Full-channel support of SCB branches, ATM, Online Banking, Standard Chartered Mobile and Phone Banking.


  • Consolidated statement with all IDA details for your easy reference.
  • Up to 3 current accounts(4) ( i.e. HKD, USD & RMB) under one number.
  • IDA can be designated as the investment settlement account for easy portfolio management.

Remarks :

(1) Only applicable to client who does not hold any deposit account, including Savings Account(s), Current/ Cheque Account(s), Integrated Deposits Account(s) and Time Deposit Account(s), with the Bank in the past 12 months from the date of Online Application submission. Please click here for details.

(2) Fund transfers to other local bank accounts through Standard Chartered Online Banking are free of charge; Excluding Local Bank Transfer Payment through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS, also known as Clearing House Automated Transfer System (CHATs)), please click here for more detail.

(3) For existing Standard Chartered customers only.

(4) The 3 current accounts include the default HKD Current Account while customers can add on the RMB and USD current accounts.

(5) Client needs to bring along all the required documents and visit any branch nearby to complete the account opening process within 14 days after submit the above online application.

(6) Deposit New Funds to the Bank within 2 weeks according to the New Funds Amount requirement as shown in the table immediately below upon the Banking Plan sign-up (or by any date as informed by the Bank) to grow the Eligible Client’s Total Balance at the Bank.

Banking Plan signed up during the Promotion Period New Funds Amount (HKD) Asia Miles Entitled
Priority Banking 1,000,000 or above 3,000 Miles
Premium programme 200,000 or above 2,000 Miles
Easy Banking 10,000 or above 1,000 Miles

(7) Maintain the Total Balance at or above the New Funds Amount for at least 3 months until the corresponding date. Please click here for details.