• Every HK$10,000 investment transaction, including Securities Services, Investment Fund Services, Premium Deposit, Equity-Linked Investment Services, Debt Securities Services and Currency Switching or insurance premium (for single premium life insurance policies)* = 1 Investment Point.
  • Priority Banking or Premium clients are automatically entitled to a higher investment zone.

* For regular premium life insurance policies, customers will only receive 5 investment points for every newly purchased policy, regardless of premium amount.

Product Types Available
  • Investment Fund Services
  • Securities Services
  • Premium Deposit
  • Equity-Linked Investment Services
  • Debt Securities Services
  • Currency Switching
  • Life Insurance Services

How It Works

Investment Zones and Benefits
Investment Zone Accumulated Investment Points Required
D ≥1,000
C 500 - 999 or Priority Banking clients
B 100 - 499 or Premium clients
A 0 - 99

Benefits Investment Zone
Securities Brokerage
  • Online Banking & SC Equities: 0.20%
    (NO minimum brokerage)
  • Securities Hotline: 0.30%
    (HKD100 minimum brokerage for each transaction)
Investment Funds Subscription Fee Discounts (exclude Monthly Investment Plan)
• Funds with Subscription Fees ≥5%
2% 1.5% 1% 0.25%
• Funds with Subscription Fees < 5%
0.5% 0.5% N/A N/A

The above InvestPro Reward is subject to Terms & Conditions of InvestPro, please refer to the documents for details.

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