Lending to MSEs

  • Types of Facilities:
    • Business Instalment loan
    • Guaranteed Instalment Loan-Term Loan with CGTMSE Cover
    • Loan against property
  • Method of assessment
    • Sales team meets the customers and collect the relevant documents –Application form, KYC, Income , Bank statement and property related (for loans with collaterals)
    • Plant and Machinery investment for the entity is assessed for identifying MSE sector Lending
    • Internal rating / assessment is applied on applicant entity which contains parameters based on customer demographics, credit record, financials and existing customer relationship where applicable
    • Loan amount eligibility calculated using debt burden ratio (and Loan to Value in loans with collaterals). Debt assessment would contains all internal and external obligations while Income assessed basis financials submitted by customers.
    • Verifications and Financials analysis as well as Personal Visit may be done basis internal guidelines

Pertaining to Rehab of MSEs

In case a customer is not able to repay loan obligation on time & faces long term payment challenges, Internal assessment is done for ability & intent to repayment by the customer. This process would involve assessment of current status of the financials and business status before arriving at decision to offer rehabilitation program.


    • What is the turnaround time for the disbursal, decisioning of the loan?
      • As per BCSBI guidelines, we would dispose of your application for credit limit or enhancement in existing credit limit, upto INR 5 lakhs within two weeks, and for credit limit above INR 5 lakhs and upto INR 25 lakhs within 3 weeks, and for credit limit above INR 25 lakhs within 6 weeks from the date of receipt, provided your application is complete in all respects and is accompanied by documents as per checklist provided
    • How do I apply for a Business Loan?
      You can apply for a Business Instalment Loan in the following ways:
      • Online Application Form and our representative will get in touch with you.
      • Call on one of our customer care number- 39401616 / 66011616, add city code before number
      • Write to us at sme.customercare@sc.com
      • Visit your nearest SCB Bank branch
      • If you are a Liability customers you may also get in touch with your Relationship Managers to know more and apply for a BIL
    • What are the different types of programs / products**?
      We offer
      • Attractive Bundled Offerings

      • Term Loan with Current Account (BIL+)
        • interest refund of up to 10%(up to 50,000*) in the first year itself
        • Opportunity to avail a zero balance current account along with a dedicated RM
      • Guaranteed Instalment Loans (backed by CGTMSE) especially catering to enterprises from the Priority Sector (PSL)
      • Vanilla Term Loans
    • When can I avail for a line increase on my existing loan?
      • Incremental funding option post 10 months of clean repayment
    • What are the features of Guarantee instalment loan?
      • It is a maximum of 5 years loan upto 75 lacs ticket size
      • It is guaranteed under the CGTMSE scheme by paying a nominal guarantee fee every year
      • It has attractive pricing for the customer to avail of the scheme
    • What are the features of BIL +?
      • Bundled CA opened along with BIL
      • Interest refunds of upto 50,000 in year 1 on meeting the throughput on current account and loan delinquency criterion
    • Rating parameters of the bank’s credit risk models:
      Internal rating scorecard is used for selecting eligible customers. It is based on a combination of parameters:
      • Loan Repayment track
      • Credit Performance / Credit Bureau Update
      • Debt servicing ability of the customer
      • Business Vintage
      • Financial Ratios
      • Existing relationship
    • What are the benefits of taking a BIL from Standard Chartered?
      • Attractive interest rates
      • Bundled current account offering
      • Opportunity to avail gamut of offerings catering towards SMEs i.e. Business Banking products, Trade & Working Capital solutions, Forex and Cash Management offerings
    • Who is eligible for the Business Instalment Loan?
      • Sole proprietors / proprietorship firms
      • Partnership firms
      • Private limited companies
      • Closely-held and public-limited companies
      • Professionals – doctors, architects, chartered accountants, business consultants
    • What is the minimum and maximum tenure of the loan?
      The loan tenure ranges from 12 -36 months
    • What is the interest rate charged on Business Instalment Loan?
      We offer attractive interest rates on the facility depending on loan amount, credit assessment and other parameters. Specific details will be provided by the sales officer
    • What are the basic documents required for applying for the facility?
      • Bank statements for the last 6 months
      • 2-year financials including Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, balance sheet and income tax returns
      • Documents related to establishment of entity, identity and address proof documents
      • Specific details will be provided by the sales person
      • VAT statements for 1 year
    • What is the minimum and maximum loan amount offered?
      An unsecured Business Instalment Loan ranges from Rs. 10-75 lakhs depending on the financial eligibility conditions being met
    • What is the security/ collateral that I need to provide?
      The Business Instalment Loan is an unsecured product. Hence, no collateral is required
    • Can I prepay the loan?
      Pre-payment is not permitted in the first 12 months of the loan. You can pre-pay your loan with pre-closure charges of 5% of the outstanding at the time of closure (service tax will apply additionally)

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Business Loans / Guaranteed Instalment
Pricing from 17.25% p.a. for Business Instalment Loan (BIL)
Pricing of 13.5% p.a. for Guaranteed Instalment Loan (GIL)
Special benefits for Branch / Direct (Non-Referral) Sourced Customers
Special benefits for Priority Sector Lending (PSL) customers

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