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We have always been there by your side in giving you a better tomorrow. We are committed to provide you with loan products that are simple so that you can live your dream without feeling the burden of big repayments. To make your journey to live your dreams easier, we have devised an online personal loan EMI calculator. This calculator helps you calculate your EMI on the loan amount easily. You can therefore know your EMI amount even before you take the loan in a few simple clicks. Personal loan EMI calculator helps you know the total amount that is repayable to bank in a few seconds. So you can research, plan and decide to apply for a personal loan.

Using the EMI calculator is as easy as using the normal calculator. You just need to punch in your loan amount in the first bar, slide to adjust your interest rate and number of years for which you wish to take the loan and leave the rest to the calculator. Within milliseconds of your punching in the details, the EMI calculator displays the amount you have to pay per month. Isn’t that easy and simple! Besides this calculator gives you an exact idea about the total amount that you will have to pay to the bank and prepares you for your future.

The EMI calculator also has this amazing ‘Approval in Principle’ service. You can use this service to know whether you are eligible for the loan or not. The process does not require any paper work. You just need to provide a few very basic details your income and who is your employer (or are you self-employed) and submit it to evaluate your eligibility for the loan. In effect it acts as an online personal loan eligibility calculator. The loan amount and the tenure can be filled in with the help of the slider. The online personal loan eligibility calculator highlights your savings as well and equips you with other small details too. In case you get your loan approved you now also know the processing fee, EMI and the rate of interest on the loan.

With the technological advancements, taking loans and calculating the EMI for it has become a very easy task. At Standard Chartered we are using this technology to make the tedious loan taking process simpler and easy for you. So now, nothing holds you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Helps you calculate EMI on your planned loan amount
Personal Loan EMI Calculator
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You need to make a monthly payment of
Rs. 11,634.13

for a loan amount of Rs. 5,00,000 with 14% interest
per annum for 5 years


How to use Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The Standard Chartered Bank has developed an online personal loan EMI calculator that helps you know the monthly EMI and the total loan repayment amount payable to the bank within seconds. The loan EMI Calculator is quite easy to use, you have to enter the loan amount, interest rate and the number of years for which you will be taking the loan. Within a few seconds, the calculator displays the monthly EMI and the total loan repayment amount.

How much is the interest for a personal loan?

Standard Chartered Bank offers personal loans ranging from INR 1 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs. Depending on the loan amount you borrow, the interest rates vary from 12% to 17%.

How is Personal Loan interest rate calculated

Personal loan interest rate is typically calculated based on the parameters such as credit history, monthly income, total amount borrowed, and the total repayment tenure.

What is APR and how does it work

APR or Annual Percentage Rate is the annual rate that is charged by the bank for borrowing a loan. It is the interest rate applicable on the total amount of loan borrowed by a person in a year. The APR is decided by the bank based on the financial profile of the applicant, the banks normally look into the past financial history of the candidate (credit score, credit repayment history, etc.). While calculating the APR, banks also consider the total interest rate, processing fees, penalties, and all other charges that are applicable on the loan.