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Branch Details

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for banking with Standard Chartered Bank. Please find the branch details for ease of your reference.

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Regional Service Head Name
Regional Service Head Email ID
1 North Zone SCBLINBBXXX Harsh Sehgal Harsh.Sehgal@sc.com
2 East Zone SCBLINBBXXX Sharmistha Pyne Sharmistha.Pyne@sc.com
3 West Zone SCBLINBBXXX Sethu Madhavan Sethu.Madhavan@sc.com
4 South Zone SCBLINBBXXX Kishorekumar Singh Kishorekumar.Singh@sc.com

Branch Details –  North Zone

Branch Code
Branch Name
Branch Manage Name
Branch Manager emailID
700 North Chandigarh Chandigarh Chandigarh Vishal Mittal vishal.mittal@Sc.com SCBL0036035 160036001
522 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Barakhamba Road Rupanshu Sharma rupanshu.sharma@sc.com SCBL0036020 110036002
537 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Basant Lok Jyotsana Thakur jyotsana.thakur@sc.com SCBL0036045 110036019
524 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Chanakyapuri Rajeev Sharma rajeev.sharma@sc.com SCBL0036031 110036013
528 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Defence Colony Nitin Chabbra nitin.chabbra@sc.com SCBL0036032 110036008
520 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Express Building, ITO Aamish Mehrotra aamish.mehrotra@sc.com SCBL0036086 110036020
521 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Greater Kailash Abhishek Purohit abhishek.purohit@sc.com SCBL0036033 110036010
523 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Greater Kailash 2 Sonakshi Gulati sonakshi.gulati@sc.com SCBL0036021 110036003
527 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Green Park Chaitanya Sharma Chaitanya.sharma@sc.com SCBL0036026 110036015
526 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Hauz Khas Neha Khosla neha.khosla@sc.com SCBL0036028 110036007
534 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Dwarka Kapil Sharma kapil.sharma2@sc.com SCBL0036043 110036016
529 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Patel Nagar Neeraj Uppal neeraj.uppal@sc.com SCBL0036030 110036009
544 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi New Friends Colony Yogesh Mishra yogesh.mishra@sc.com SCBL0036034 110036014
532 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Preet Vihar Shahzad Sadar shahzad.sadar@sc.com SCBL0036023 110036005
545 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Punjabi Bagh Kanika Gupta kanika.gupta@Sc.com SCBL0036029 110036012
533 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Saket Abhishek Barar abhishek.barar@sc.com SCBL0036042 110036018
525 North NCT OF DELHI Delhi Sansad Marg Davinder Yadav Davinder.yadav@Sc.com SCBL0036027 110036011
531 North Haryana Gurgaon DLF Gurgaon Avneet Kaura avneet.kaura@sc.com SCBL0036025 110036006
539 North Haryana Gurgaon Golf Course Road Ext, Grg Amandeep Kaur Sidhu amandeepkaur.sidhu@sc.com SCBL0036103 110036021
535 North Haryana Gurgaon Gurgaon, MGF Nidhi Paul Nidhi.Paul@sc.com SCBL0036041 110036017
543 North Punjab Amritsar Amritsar Nishant Mehta nishant.mehta@sc.com SCBL0036038 143036003
715 North Punjab Jalandhar Jalandhar Ankush Sood Ankush.Sood@sc.com SCBL0036040 144036001
703 North Punjab Ludhiana Ludhiana Rishabh Kaul rishab.kaul@sc.com SCBL0036037 141036002
751 North Rajasthan Jaipur Jaipur Pragya Khandelwal pragya.khandelwal@sc.com SCBL0036039 302036002
770 North Rajasthan Jodhpur Jodhpur Anirudhsingh Chouhan anirudhsingh.chouhan@sc.com SCBL0036097 342036002
760 North Rajasthan Udaipur Udaipur Bhanushree Upadhyay bhanushree.upadhyay@sc.com SCBL0036096 313036002
825 North Uttar Pradesh Agra Agra, Dayal Baugh Nadeem Solanky KunwarNadeem.Solanky@sc.com SCBL0036100 282036002
554 North Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Bareilly, Nakatia Neha Vira neha.vira@sc.com SCBL0036101 243036002
622 North Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Kanpur Harsimran Bindra harsimran.bindra@sc.com SCBL0036022 208036002
624 North Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Lucknow Sidhartha Shukla Sidhartha.shukla@sc.com SCBL0036036 226036002
551 North Uttar Pradesh Mathura Mathura BrijBhushan Arora BrijBhushan.Arora@sc.com SCBL0036092 281036002
540 North Uttar Pradesh Noida Advant Towers Noida Batool Zehra batool.zehra@sc.com SCBL0036104 110036022
530 North Uttar Pradesh Noida Noida Bhoomika Chadha bhoomika.chadha@sc.com SCBL0036024 110036004
552 North Uttar Pradesh Saharanpur Saharanpur Shobhit Vashisth shobhit.vashisth@sc.com SCBL0036095 247036002
553 North Uttarakhand Dehradun Dehradun Anjali Arora anjali.arora@sc.com SCBL0036094 248036002

Branch Details – East Zone

Branch Code
Branch Name
Branch Manage Name
Branch Manager emailID
342 East Assam Guwahati Guwahati Manorama Upadhyay Manorama.Upadhyay@sc.com SCBL0036016 781036002
805 East Bihar Patna Patna Aishwarya Singh Aishwarya.Singh@sc.com SCBL0036017 800036002
345 East Odisha Bhubaneshwar Bhubaneshwar Susmita Dash Susmita.Dash@sc.com SCBL0036018 751036002
331 East West Bengal Kolkata 19 N S Road Atul Ahuja Atul.Ahuja@sc.com SCBL0036008 700036012
332 East West Bengal Kolkata Apeejay House Jayabrata Sihi Jayabrata.Sihi@sc.com SCBL0036009 700036011
336 East West Bengal Kolkata Churchlane Ipsita Adhikary Ipsita.Adhikari@sc.com SCBL0036013 700036014
327 East West Bengal Kolkata Gariahat Moushumi Ghosh Moushumi.Ghosh@sc.com SCBL0036005 700036007
344 East West Bengal Kolkata Howrah Arunashish Biswas Arunashish.Biswas@sc.com SCBL0036054 700036019
338 East West Bengal Kolkata Jodhpur park Kamil Aktar Khan Kamil-Aktar.Khan@sc.com SCBL0036015 700036010
330 East West Bengal Kolkata New Alipore Asif Iqbal Asif.Iqbal@sc.com SCBL0036007 700036013
329 East West Bengal Kolkata R G Kar Debashis Dasgupta Debashis.Dasgupta@sc.com SCBL0036006 700036009
334 East West Bengal Kolkata S P Mukherjee Priyanka Sethi priyanka.sethi1@sc.com SCBL0036011 700036017
335 East West Bengal Kolkata Salt Lake DD Palash Karmakar Palash.Karmakar@sc.com SCBL0036004 700036018
337 East West Bengal Kolkata Shakespeare Sarani Sambya Sanyal Sambya.Sanyal@sc.com SCBL0036014 700036016
339 East West Bengal Siliguri Siliguri Arunashish Biswas Arunashish.Biswas@sc.com SCBL0036019 734036002

Branch Details – West Zone

Branch Code
Branch Name
Branch Manage Name
Branch Manager emailID
233 West Gujarat Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Nilesh Mehta Nilesh.Mehta@sc.com SCBL0036051 380036002
802 West Gujarat Vadodara Vadodara Mayank Shah Mayank.Shah@sc.com SCBL0036062 390036002
806 West Gujarat Rajkot Rajkot Sujit Bhardwaj Sujit.Bhardwaj@sc.com SCBL0036064 360036002
650 West Gujarat Surat Surat Dipesh Dalal Dipesh.Dalal@sc.com SCBL0036063 395036002
801 West Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Bhopal Narayan Kukreja Narayan.Kukreja@sc.com SCBL0036061 462036002
810 West Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Chhindwara Sourabh Datta Ray SourabhDatta.Ray@sc.com SCBL0036098 480036001
800 West Madhya Pradesh Indore Indore Aasim Choudhary Aasim.Choudhary@sc.com SCBL0036069 452036002
254 West Maharshtra Jalgaon Jalgaon Adwait karnik Adwait.karnik@sc.com SCBL0036071 425036002
222 West Maharshtra Mumbai 23-25 M G Road Sachin Udasi SachinPuranmal.Udasi@sc.com SCBL0036084 400036002
237 West Maharshtra Mumbai Kanakia Branch Aparna Singh Aparna.Singh@sc.com SCBL0036056 400036014
247 West Maharshtra Mumbai Andheri (W) Tejal Chaughule Tejal.Chaughule@sc.com SCBL0036070 400036021
238 West Maharshtra Mumbai Bandra Subhashri Radhakrishnan Subhashri.Radhakrishnan@sc.com SCBL0036057 400036016
221 West Maharshtra Mumbai Crescenzo Branch Anirudha Goswami Anirudha.Goswami@sc.com SCBL0036085 400036022
244 West Maharshtra Mumbai Borivali Sairaj  Chavan SairajMahendra.Chavan@sc.com SCBL0036067 400036019
223 West Maharshtra Mumbai Center Point Rahul  Mahindru Rahul.Mahindru@sc.com SCBL0036048 400036003
245 West Maharshtra Mumbai Chembur Nikhil Anand Nikhil.Anand@sc.com SCBL0036066 400036018
224 West Maharshtra Mumbai Chowpatty Mayuri Javeri Mayuri.Javeri@sc.com SCBL0036047 400036004
236 West Maharshtra Mumbai Dadar Royceton Roger Dcunha RoycetonRoger.Dcunha@sc.com SCBL0036055 400036012
239 West Maharshtra Mumbai Juhu Sonal Mehra SonalBimal.Mehra@sc.com SCBL0036058 400036017
241 West Maharshtra Mumbai Kemps Corner Gaurav Sethi Gaurav.Sethi@sc.com SCBL0036059 400036011
243 West Maharshtra Mumbai Lokhandwala Furqaan Shaikh Furqaan.shaikh@sc.com SCBL0036053 400036009
228 West Maharshtra Mumbai Malad Khyati Sanghvi Khyati.Sanghvi@sc.com SCBL0036052 400036008
235 West Maharshtra Mumbai Powai Ajinkya Kadam ajinkya.kadam@sc.com SCBL0036060 400036015
231 West Maharshtra Mumbai The Park Parel Prashant  Mhamunkar Prashant.Mhamunkar@sc.com SCBL0036001 400036010
804 West Maharshtra Nagpur Nagpur Anurag Tiwari Anurag.Tiwari1@sc.com SCBL0036065 440036002
226 West Maharshtra Navi Mumbai Vashi Rekha Gupta Rekha.Gupta@sc.com SCBL0036049 400036006
272 West Maharshtra Pune Aundh Sonam Lalit Bhangde Sonam.Lalitbhangde@sc.com SCBL0036107 411036004
270 West Maharshtra Pune Pune, IT Cerebrum Kunal Khanna Kunal.Khanna@sc.com SCBL0036091 411036003
229 West Maharshtra Pune Pune, SB Road Geetesh Shridhar Geetesh.Shridhar@sc.com SCBL0036050 411036002
246 West Maharshtra Thane Thane Burzin Contractor BurzinPervez.Contractor@sc.com SCBL0036068 400036020

Branch Details – South Zone

Branch Code
Branch Name
Branch Manage Name
Branch Manager emailID
458 South Andhra Pradesh Proddatur Proddatur U. Venkata Ramana upparavenkata.ramana@sc.com SCBL0036093 516036102
451 South Karnataka Bangalore Indira Nagar Branch AmanKumar Rayet AmanKumar.Rayet@sc.com SCBL0036105 560036007
450 South Karnataka Bangalore Jayanagar Mahesha M Mahesha.M@sc.com SCBL0036102 560036005
455 South Karnataka Bangalore Koramangala Buddhadeb Samanta Buddhadeb.Samanta@sc.com SCBL0036073 560036002
456 South Karnataka Bangalore M G Road Hussain Mohammed Muzzafar MM.Hussain@sc.com SCBL0036074 560036003
452 South Karnataka Bangalore Sadashiv Nagar Branch Partha Saha Partha.Saha@sc.com SCBL0036106 560036006
457 South Karnataka Bangalore Whitefield Varun Ramachandran Varun.Ramachandran@sc.com SCBL0036089 560036004
433 South Kerala Cochin Cochin GIREESH MG Gireesh.Mg@sc.com SCBL0036082 682036003
434 South Kerala Cochin Ernakulam Renny Rebello Renny.rebello@sc.com SCBL0036076 682036002
437 South Kerala Trivandrum Trivandrum Unni Krishnan  R UnniKrishnan.R@sc.com SCBL0036099 695036002
428 South Tamil Nadu Chennai Sorrento Sasirekha V Sasirekha.V@sc.com SCBL0036080 600036006
421 South Tamil Nadu Chennai Anna Salai Eva Taniya Eva.Taniya@sc.com SCBL0036088 600036009
424 South Tamil Nadu Chennai Cathedral Road Swetha S Menon SwethaS.Menon@sc.com SCBL0036072 600036004
426 South Tamil Nadu Chennai Haddows Road Dijo George Dijo.George@sc.com SCBL0036079 600036007
427 South Tamil Nadu Chennai Rajaji Salai Vijayamahadevi S Vijayamahadevi.Saravanakrishnan@sc.com SCBL0036078 600036005
436 South Tamil Nadu Chennai T Nagar Durairajan M Durairajan.Munuswamy@sc.com SCBL0036083 600036008
435 South Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Coimbatore Justine Francis Justine.Francis@sc.com SCBL0036077 641036002
446 South Telangana Hyderabad Hyderabad Shanu  Kapoor Shanu.Kapoor@sc.com SCBL0036075 500036001
444 South Telangana Hyderabad Jubilee Hills Rima Agarwal rima.agarwal@sc.com SCBL0036090 500036003
445 South Telangana Hyderabad Secunderabad K VENKANNA BABU Venkannababu.K@sc.com SCBL0036081 500036002