Access your account information

Step 1: Type keyword
Step 2: Send to +919987123123

Request SMS code
Balance enquiry BAL
Mini statement TXN
Cheque book request CBR
Statement request STR
Available credit limit LIM
Payment due date PDD

For multiple linked accounts, please add alias (A1, etc.) after the keyword. e.g. BAL A1
You can apply for Mobile Banking services through:

  • Online internet banking
  • Any Standard Chartered Bank ATMs in India
  • Phone banking
  • Branches


    • What are the services available under SMS Banking?
      SMS Banking now offers:
      • Information Services - You can now check your bank account and credit card information using the keywords
      • Transaction Alerts – Bank account and credit card alerts are sent to your registered mobile number. You will also receive a consolidated email outlining all your transactions
    • Is SMS Banking available for joint account holders?
      SMS Banking is now available for joint account holders. Both account holders will receive transaction alerts for their account.
    • How can I register for SMS Banking
      You now register for SMS Banking through our online and phone banking facilities, or by visiting any branch or ATM. Registration through online and phone banking is completed instantaneously, however registration through other channels takes 5 working days
    • Do you charge for SMS Banking?
      The SMS Banking facility is absolutely free. Customers are charged only for sending a message to the number, which will be charged by your mobile operator as per your billing plan.
    • How do I activate SMS Banking for multiple accounts?
      You can now access SMS Banking for all your bank accounts and credit cards. Simply check the information in the table above.

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