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Personal loan
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Personal Loans to fund your child’s hobby

Avail quick & easy Personal Loans from the comfort of your home. Apply online & get instant approval.

Personal Loan Benefits1
  • flexible repayment tenures

  • of your outstanding in a year

  • interest rates on loan

1 Terms and Conditions apply

Personal Loan Calculator

Easily calculate your Personal Loan EMI

Instant Approval

Instant approval on your SC personal loan application is a surety when you apply online.

Flexible solutions

Whether you are salaried or self-employed, you can avail of flexible repayment tenure options up to 60 months.

Attractive processing fee

Benefit from loan amounts up to INR 50 lakhs at attractive interest rates with a discounted processing fee for online applications. Terms and conditions apply.

Part payment facility

You may also avail of our part payment option on your loan up to a maximum of 25% of your outstanding in a year.

Granting you instant loan approval is well within our capabilities as a leading international bank. So go ahead, apply online and rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Get instant approval on your application and also complete your KYC online through a video. Learn more.

With our flexible loan amounts, you can finally set out on that long vacation, plan your dream wedding, or even buy your favorite car. Standard Chartered places no usage restrictions on personal loans and does not require collateral either.

Apply for personal loans online at the Standard Chartered website by filling out a loan application and uploading basic supporting documents such as your identity proof and address proof. Enjoy instant approval on your application process too!

Opt for a personal loan from Standard Chartered and get a 50% discount off your online personal loan processing fee when you apply online. Terms and conditions apply.

Repay your Standard Chartered personal loans any time between 12 months to 60 months. Tenures are flexible, so opt for a time period that suits your repayment capacity and needs.

Standard Chartered personal loans come with attractive interest rates that are based on the applicant’s credit score, credit history and other eligibility criteria.

Ease up with the Part Payment option available to you for up to a maximum of 25% of your outstanding balance in a year!

You deserve to have your perfect wedding, stress-free and filled with joy! Our personal loans will serve you well, in this regard, with their pleasant interest rates, flexible tenure options and part payment facility.
Learn more.

Travelling can mean visiting global historical sites, absorbing different cultures or even just shopping overseas! Make sure you never miss out on travel opportunities with our super convenient, instantly approved travel loans.
Learn more.

Travelling can mean visiting global historical sites, absorbing different cultures or even just shopping overseas! Make sure you never miss out on travel opportunities with our super convenient, instantly approved travel loans.
Learn more.

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  • Photo Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Telephone Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Driving License
  • Life / Medical Insurance Policy
  • Rental Agreement
  • Apartment Allotment Letter

Personal loans are a great way to ensure that you are a step ahead of your finances. You can avail of a personal loan in emergencies or even just to pay the family medical bills, renovate your home and much more. Since it is an unsecured loan, you are generally not required to provide collateral or guarantors. Interest rates, however, tend to vary between loan issuers, and can depend on eligibility criteria, like your credit history and credit card score.

Personal loans are generally categorized into marriage loans, travel loans, loans for higher education and those for the purchase of consumer durable goods. Standard Chartered’s decision to grant you a personal loan, however, is not influenced by the reasons for which you require one. Which is why, with the benefits of attractive interest rates, flexible tenures, part payment facilities and more, you will find that our personal loans are a great option when you need funds.

Apply for personal loans at Standard Chartered and enjoy the following advantages:
1) You can acquire an instant personal loan online for any financial requirements, including during emergencies.
2) Personal loan applications require only minimum documentation and are entirely paperless.
3) Standard Chartered offers personal loans at smooth interest rates and discounts on the processing fees for your loan application.
4) Benefit from our flexible tenures and repay the Standard Chartered Bank anytime between 12 and 60 months.
5) Our personal loans come with a Part Payment option, which is available up to a maximum of 25% of your outstanding in a year.

The basic eligibility criteria for a Standard Chartered personal loan is as follows:
1) The applicant must be between 22-58 of age.
2) Only clients with earnings, whether self-employed or salaried, may apply for a personal loan.
3) The applicant’s net monthly salary must exceed INR 22,000.

The process of applying for a personal loan from the Standard Chartered Bank couldn’t possibly get any easier! Just follow the simple steps below:
1) Click here to fill in your basic details on the personal loan application form provided.
2) You will be taken to the ‘View Quote’ section for an overview of the principal amount, interest rate and other relevant information.
3) Choose the option ‘Apply Online’ to complete the application process.

Our bank officials will then contact you to verify the details and take the application forward.

VKYC, or simply Video KYC, is a feature that allows you to complete your KYC through a video from the comfort of your home while applying online for a Standard Chartered credit card, personal loan, or savings account. With this feature, our application process becomes even more simpler and completely contactless. Click here to learn more.

Standard Chartered personal loan categories include:
1) Marriage loan – Opt for a marriage loan and enjoy a stress-free wedding. Flexible tenures, attractive interest rates and part payment options are some of the benefits that come with it.
2) Travel loan – Regardless of whether you need to travel for business or for pleasure, a travel loan can come in handy as well as enhance your travelling experience.
3) Loan against securities – Handle all your debts with a single personal loan that has a high overdraft limit and low interest rates.
4) Loan against term deposit – Manage your finances smoothly with access to instant credit. Interest will only be charged on used funds.
5) Payroll overdraft service – Clients can access an overdraft on their payroll accounts at attractive interest rates.

You can avail of personal loan amounts from Standard Chartered Bank, ranging from a minimum of INR 1 lakh up to a maximum of INR 50 lakhs.

The amount of interest that you are charged on your personal loan can depend on eligibility criteria such as your credit score and credit history. Generally, clients are awarded lower interest rates if they possess a higher credit score. Standard Chartered interest rates range between 11% and 17%. Our personal loan EMI calculator can help you discover your interest rates.

You can utilize the Standard Chartered Personal Loan EMI Calculator to check your eligibility for a personal loan. It will show you your principal amount, monthly EMI and interest rate, which in turn will help you make an informed decision before you apply. Visit https://www.sc.com/in/loans/personal-loan-emi-calculator/ for details.

A happy family spending day out with friends and paying bills with SC credit cards
A happy family spending day out with friends and paying bills with SC credit cards
Market views on-the-go by Standard Chartered
Market views on-the-go by Standard Chartered