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Benefit from comfortable Personal Loan Interest Rates starting at 11.49% p.a. with delightfully flexible tenures!

Personal Loan Interest Rates

Benefit from comfortable Personal Loan Interest Rates starting at 11.49% p.a. with delightfully flexible tenures!

Attractive Interest Rates on Personal Loans at Standard Chartered

You can achieve your goals, fulfil your dreams and do so much more with the low interest rate personal loans available at Standard Chartered. Explore to find out more!

FAQs related to Personal loan Interest Rates

  • You can avail of interest rates as low as 11.49% p.a. at Standard Chartered. The decision regarding your eligibility for a low interest loan however, can depend on factors like your credit history, loan amount, loan tenure, income status or even just based on your relationship with us!

  • Yes, they do. Standard Chartered’s current personal loan interest rates start as low as 11.49% p.a, however, the interest rate that you are charged, will be determined by your repayment ability, credit history, age and other such client specific factors.

  • While the range of the interest rates charged by Standard Chartered is applicable to all borrowers, there are still certain parameters which come into play when calculating your personal loan interest rates. Examples of such factors are your credit history, monthly income, loan amount and loan tenure.

  • Credit rating is a method that most banks use to assess whether your request for a loan can be accommodated.

    Standard Chartered rates the information you provide on the application form together with other factors such as your employment history and how you manage other accounts with the bank (if any). Standard Chartered also uses information from Credit Information Agencies such as CIC, who keep records on your borrowing and payment habits. This includes details on how much credit you have outstanding as well as information on how many missed or late payments you may have made. This also has a direct impact on your personal loan interest rate.

  • Yes, once your personal loan is approved a processing fee of up to 2.25% of the sanctioned loan amount can be charged. Standard Chartered offers a 50% discount on the processing fee of personal loan applications, applicable to all the customers applying online.

    For further details please refer to the schedule of charges on Standard Chartered’s personal loan page.

  • Personal loans are unsecured loans that are provided on the basis of financial reputation and creditworthiness alone. Therefore, some factors that affect personal loan interest rates would be the borrower’s credit score, repayment history, monthly income, relationship with the bank as well as the reputation of their employer.

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the interest rate on the total loan amount borrowed in a year by a loanee and is an annual rate charged by the bank for the loan. It is decided by the bank based on the financial profile and loan details of the applicant.

  • VKYC, or simply Video KYC, is a feature that allows you to complete your KYC through a video from the comfort of your home while applying online for a Standard Chartered credit card, personal loan, or savings account. With this feature, our application process becomes even more simpler and completely contactless. Click here to learn more.