Online Banking

Standard Chartered's online banking platform is easy and secure. You can therefore, access a wide range of banking services from anywhere in the world! We wish to bring a wave of change for good and revolutionize the way you bank with us. We constantly endeavour to give you an easy and comfortable banking experience. And so we offer numerous features and many more.

First Time Login is Easy

Register today and login to experience banking like never before. It just takes a few moments to register and enter the whole new world of banking with us with our easy three ways to register online:

  • Instant Self-Registration: You can now register for online banking in an instant with your debit/credit card. You just need to input your debit/credit card details and validate it through OTP sent to your registered mobile phone.
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  • Online Registration: You can mail us a duly filled registration form to apply for online banking. You shall receive your unique ID & password at your registered mailing address within 3 working days from the receipt of the form.

  • Contact Us: The registration form is available at all our branches. Alternatively, you can call us at our Phone Banking / Credit Card helpline to register a request for the form that will be delivered at your doorstep. Or you can also download it and send the duly filled form to: Standard Chartered Bank, P.O. Box #8888, Chennai, India.

You can register online by clicking here. Once you receive your unique ID & password, log on to: and enjoy the plethora of online banking services that are convenient and efficient.


With a host of services at your finger tips, Standard Chartered's online banking is the best in class. Have a look at the features of this amazing service.

Account Information

You can now use online banking to access up to date information on your accounts and term deposits, print your account / transactions statements and check the status of the cheques issued on your accounts with just a click. Also this saves your trip to the bank and the long queues to get the work done.

Fund Transfers

Online banking has made it easy to transfer funds with just a few clicks. You can register for online banking transfer funds between your own accounts, transfer between accounts held with Standard Chartered Bank across India, transfer to other bank beneficiaries using robust network of NEFT & RTGS. You can also transfer funds to VISA credit cards and request for Demand Draft to be issued.

Credit Card Services

You can now apply online for a new card, pay your credit card dues and even check the details of your credit card transactions with our online banking services. You can also request for redemption of reward points or even a credit limit increase on your existing credit card online and also pay your Standard Chartered Credit Card bill from virtually any bank.

You can also convert your credit card spends into easy instalments using Kuch Bhi On EMI option on Online Banking. Also, you can set your credit card PIN on Online Banking.

Loan Details

You can view the details and particulars including the transaction history of your loan accounts on Online Banking.

Bill Payment

Standard Chartered offers you a Simple, Secure and Convenient way to pay all your Utility Bills like mobile, landline, electricity, water and insurance online using Standard Chartered Bill Pay. Standard Chartered has an extensive directory of billers that you can make payments to. You can make your bill payments from any of your accounts or credit cards. You can also set up AutoPay instruction for your bills on Online Banking. AutoPay would ensure that your bills are paid automatically on presentment.

Click here to view the list of all the billers you can make payments to anywhere in your city or India.

Prepaid Mobile Top-up

You can now get an easy recharge for your mobile with our online banking services and stay connected with your loved ones 24x7. You can recharge your phone in three easy steps. So it's simple and fast! The recharge options offer lucrative deals and benefits to the Standard Chartered customers. Feel Preferred!

Online Shopping

Shopping online is made easy with online banking. You can now use your Standard Chartered Online Banking Username and Password to shop online. The transactions are made easy and hassle free. It is safer as well since you can now generate an OTP to make payments that will be sent to your registered mobile number. So get ready to relax and have a wonderful shopping experience with our online banking services.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) authenticates identity electronically. It also provides a high level of security for online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a digital certificate. To know more click here

Investment Services

Find out if you are a high risk taker or if you are averse to risk in making your investments by using the risk profile calculator built on the service.

Online Banking Made Easy

On receiving your login ID & Password, log on to and use the services of Online Banking

To download Forms & Documents for registration, click here

Other Online Services

  • eStatement Registration

    You can subscribe to eStatements by logging on to Online Banking. eStatements allows you the convenience of accessing your statement anytime, from anywhere online.

  • Update Your Personal Particulars

    You can now update your documents and details instantly without calling us or stepping into a branch.

    Simply log onto online or mobile banking to update your details, and then upload a photo or copy of the required document.

  • Online Cheque book request

    You can place a request online for cheque book if you are registered with Standard Chartered's Online Banking.

  • Open Term (Fixed) Deposits

    You can open a term (fixed) deposit account by logging on to Online Banking.

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  • Set AutoPay and Standing Instructions

    You can now set up Standing Instructions on Online Banking to initiate monthly transfer transactions on a date of your choice. To pay your utility bills automatically on presentment, please use our AutoPay facility.

  • Convert your Credit Card transactions to EMI

    Online banking is beneficial in more than one ways for credit card owners. Eligible customers can use online banking to convert their transactions of Rs.2000 and above into EMI at attractive interest rates. It is an easy and a convenient process.

  • Online Demand Draft Request

    Standard Chartered online services also enables you to order a demand draft online and get it delivered at your preferred location anywhere in India, at no extra charges for Standard Chartered Bank Locations.

  • Instant Fixed Deposit

    You can open a fixed deposit online, renew and also break and reissue your existing fixed deposit accounts online

  • Transaction and Beneficiary Limit Management

    You can view and manage your daily transaction limit, across transfer options, on Online Banking. Also you may view daily cap on beneficiary addition for each of the transfer options.

  • Payment of Tax online

    Another beneficial service that Standard Chartered online banking has to offer to its valuable customers is Online Tax Payments. You can now use your online banking username and password to pay your taxes online from your Standard Chartered Bank Account.

  • Apply for Home Loan/Personal Loan

    You can now save yourself from a trip to the bank by registering online. Our online portal gives you an access to all our products and services that you can apply or buy online. Be it a home loan or a personal loan, all the information required is just a click away!

  • Personal Mailbox

    This facility provides you with a personal mailbox for sending and receiving bank mails.


    • Who can apply for this service?
      If you hold any (or a combination) of the following products from Standard Chartered, you can register for the service for free:
      • Savings Account
      • Current Account
      • Deposit account
      • Loan account
      • Credit Card

    The service is offered for individuals, companies, HUFs, partnership concerns, sole proprietorships.

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    • How can I get access to Online Banking?
      To apply for Online Banking, simply fill in the registration form and send it to us. Your unique Secure InterOnline Banking ID & password will be sent to your mailing address (recorded with the bank) in a minimum of 3 working days from the date we receive the form The registration form is available at any branch. Alternately, you can call at our phone banking numbers or credit card help-line and a form will be sent to you. You can also download the form here and send it to: Standard Chartered Bank, PO Box # 8888, Chennai, India On receiving your login ID & password, log on to and use our Online Banking services.
    • Do I have to pay for using this service? Are there extra charges for this service?
      No. There are no extra charges for using this service. It is absolutely free.
    • Why use Online Banking?
      • It's easy to apply for, easy to use, and best of all, it's free
      • It's your own bank - You have instant access to real-time information on your banking, credit card and loan accounts. You can also access information about a wide range of our products and services at the click of a mouse. Rest assured it is personalised to meet your requirements.
      • It's safe & easy - Using your unique login ID and confidential password, you can now bank with confidence, knowing that your transactions remain safe. With our simple and easy to use navigational toolbars, you will realise how easy it is to browse the site
      • It's fast - It takes only a few seconds or even less to access updated account information or complete a banking transaction, leaving you more time to do other things
      • It's convenient - You can perform secure online banking right from the comfort of your home or office through the Internet
      • There's no need to wait for your monthly account statements or limit your banking to branch timings. You can even access it on bank holidays, making this a 365-day a year service/li>
      • It's It provides worldwide access - As long as you can access the Internet, you can access your Standard Chartered Bank accounts, anywhere in the world, at any time
      • No special software is required - You don't need to purchase any special software. As long as you have a PC with the minimum configuration for Internet browsing, you are ready to start
      • Wide range of services offered - Our wide range of online banking services will help you better manage your finances. Moreover, we will progressively add more services for your convenience, so remember to let us know what else you would like.

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