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SIP Calculator – Systematic Investment Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a investment option offered by mutual funds to investors, allowing them to invest small amounts periodically into a mutual fund scheme instead of lump sums. The frequency of investment can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. SIP has emerged as a popular way to invest, especially among retail investors, allowing them to build a corpus by investing smaller amounts consistently.

An SIP calculator is an online tool that helps estimate return outcomes on your SIP investments based on certain assumptions. It is helpful for investors to plan their financial goals like retirement planning or children’s education through SIPs. Our attempt is for you to understand what an SIP calculator is, how it works, its advantages, and how to use Standard Chartered Bank’s calculator.

A SIP calculator is an automated tool usually available online that allows you to calculate returns on mutual fund SIP investments. You can use a SIP calculator to estimate the future value of SIP investment by entering details like:

  • SIP Amount (weekly/monthly/quarterly etc.)
  • Expected Rate of Return on the underlying scheme
  • Investment Horizon
  • Any Lumpsum investments on the way

Based on these inputs, the SIP return calculator provides you with the estimated future value of your investments. It also shows monthly, yearly, and total returns over the investment duration.

Some SIP calculators also allow comparing returns across mutual funds and time periods. It empowers you to plan your financial goals better by showing how much you would need to invest each month to reach the corpus required for that goal.

Here are some ways an SIP return calculator can help individual investors:

Retirement Planning:

You can estimate the lumpsum corpus that you may accumulate by the age of 60 by investing a certain amount periodically towards retirement.

Children Education:

Calculate future value required for major educational milestones like higher studies or professional degrees.

Wealth Creation:

Use the calculator to plan for wealth creation targets like buying a house/car.

Investment Decision Making:

Compare returns across funds and time periods to make informed investment decisions.

Thus, an SIP return calculator serves as a ready-reckoner for investors to align investments with specific financial goals.

A SIP calculator works on the concept of the time value of money using the following key inputs provided by you:

  • Monthly/Yearly Investment: The periodic investment amount
  • Expected Returns: Historical returns or your own return expectations from the scheme
  • Investment Horizon: The duration for which SIP will continue
  • Lumpsum Investment (optional): Any one-time investments

Based on the above, it calculates the future value using this formula:

Monthly SIP Contribution x (1+Expected Return)%^Number of Periods

So, it uses the power of compounding to give you an indicative figure of returns on your periodic investments.

Some of the assumptions of an SIP return calculator are:

  • Returns are as per historical fund performance or your own estimate
  • You continue the SIPs for the entire duration
  • External factors remain constant without changes in taxation/regulation

However, do note that the actual corpus value may differ based on actual returns. Still, it serves as a good reference point for financial planning.

Standard Chartered Bank offers an easy-to-use SIP Calculator on its website with the following steps:

  1. Select your investment type – SIP or Lumpsum
  2. Start with toggling the monthly investment you are comfortable with
  3. Provide your expected return on investment
  4. Enter the time period (in years) for which you want to continue investing
  5. Choose whether you wish to have a yearly step-up
  6. You will then see the detailed future value of your SIP investment as per your provided information.

Some handy features of this tool are:

  • Flexibility to change durations/monthly investments.
  • Tabular representation of returns

So, using Standard Chartered’s calculator, you can easily estimate and monitor returns on your SIP investments.

Here are the major benefits of using an SIP calculator for your financial planning:

  • Motivates Saving: The demonstration effect of the power of compounding motivates you to save and invest through SIPs.
  • Simplifies Planning: It helps translate goals into monthly targets.
  • Tracks Progression: You can measure if your investments are aligned with the required future corpus.
  • Visual Analysis: Charts/Graphs make it easier to understand outcomes.
  • Ease of Modification: Facilitates changes in periodic contributions flexibly.

Thus, a good SIP calculator goes a long way in simplifying financial planning and aids disciplined investing.

Yes, most fund houses allow you to pause your SIPs temporarily. While paused, your SIP installments are discontinued but can be resumed in the future. You just need to intimate your fund house via request.

You can start a SIP with an amount as low as Rs 100 to Rs 500. There is no maximum SIP amount – it depends on your risk appetite and the surplus you wish to invest each month/quarter via SIPs

No, equity-linked SIP returns are not tax-free. You need to pay Short Term/Long Term Capital Gains Tax based on the holding period. However, SIP allows you tax optimization by averaging out purchase costs via staggering over time. For any tax related queries it is advisable to contact your tax consultant.

There is no maximum duration for an SIP investment.It is prudent to invest for longer tenures, like 5-10 years or more, to benefit from the power of compounding.

Major aspects are past performance, portfolio composition, fund manager credentials, expense ratio, and minimum SIP amount & subsequent installment amount accepted. One must align risk appetite, financial goal,  investment horizon as well with the fund’s characteristics.

Yes, once you start a SIP, you have the flexibility to change your periodic contribution amount based on fund house guidelines. You can either request to increase or decrease your SIP investment amount.

SIP investing is ideal for investors who can spare smaller amounts each month instead of larger lump sum amounts. It averages costs and inculcates disciplined investing. So whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, SIPs help build long-term wealth.

Different types are – Regular SIP, Flexi SIP, Perpetual SIP, Trigger SIP, and SIP Top Up facility, among others, depending on the fund house. You may choose based on the flexibility needed.

Yes, once you have completed the mandatory minimum period of contribution (generally 6 months), you have the option to either increase or decrease your SIP amounts based on mutual fund guidelines.

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SIP calculators offer a convenient way to plan your investments aligned to specific financial goals. They demonstrate the power of compounding and motivate disciplined long-term investing while simplifying financial planning. Whether you are planning for retirement corpus, child future security, or wealth creation objectives, the SIP calculator helps translate it into achievable periodic investments. So, use them wisely as part of your investment decision-making process.