Sustainability and our business

Using our position as a leading financial institution, we are committed to promoting positive social and economic development in the countries where we operate.

Sustainability to us is not just about using less energy, or raising money for good causes, although we are proud of our efforts in both. Sustainability is embedded in our brand promise, Here for good, and affects every single thing we do: the way we make decisions, the contribution we make to local economies and the impact that we have when we bank the people and companies driving investment, trade and the creation of wealth across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our ambition is to be the world’s best international bank. This means getting the basics right: being financially stable, continuously improving our governance and seizing the opportunities presented by our markets to provide and promote sustainable economic growth. Our approach continues to focus on three key priorities: contributing to sustainable economic growth, being a responsible company and investing in communities.

Contributing to sustainable economic growth

Whether it is helping businesses to grow, supporting people to buy their own homes or providing clients with a full range of products to facilitate global trade and investment, we use our core business of banking to fuel economic activity in our markets. Over the past five years, we have increased our lending to clients by nearly 46 per cent from $7.7 billion to $11.2 billion making a substantial contribution to individual economies.

This funding enables businesses to diversify or expand and gives individuals the opportunity to invest and provide stability for future generations. By doing all of this responsibly and efficiently, we can have a positive effect on sustainable development in our markets, contributing to economic growth in the long term and enabling communities, businesses and people to thrive.

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Being a responsible company

Our commitment to sustainability is about more than the economic activity we finance for our clients. It is also about how we develop our people and manage our business to create long-term value for our stakeholders and deliver on our brand promise, ‘Here for good’. In 2014, globally, we continued to strengthen our corporate governance framework, made a significant investment in our financial crime remediation programmes and moved forward with additional external disclosure on country-by-country tax payments as set out in the European Union requirements.

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Investing in Communities

We work with our stakeholders to help promote social and economic development across our markets.

Our programmes include Seeing is Believing, which addresses avoidable blindness; WASHE which targets girl child in municipal schools and aims to provide them with easy access to safe water and improved toilet facilities as well as hygiene education; Living with HIV, which promotes education and awareness of HIV and AIDS; and Goal, which combines sports training with life skills, financial education and workforce development to empower girls. We also promote financial education through training programmes for small businesses and youth.

We offer our employees three days paid leave to volunteer. In 2014, our staff contributed over 15,000 days in employee volunteering.

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