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At Standard Chartered Bank, we understand that your dynamic financial needs require special care. In order to help you on your wealth journey, we offer you a suite of carefully evaluated investment products. Our Wealth Specialists are here to provide you with actionable and relevant information, allowing you to invest appropriately. Standard Chartered Bank acts as a distributor for mutual funds and referrer for various other third party financial products.

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SCB Advantage

  • Focus

    You are our focus. We bring to you wealth products that help meet your unique financial situation and needs basis your risk profile, thus allowing us to navigate the course of your wealth journey better.

  • Convenience

    Transact more conveniently in mutual funds through our Online Mutual Funds (OMF) platform. You can access OMF on-the-go through your mobile, tablet or laptop. What’s more, you can also view fund ideas, market commentaries and update your investment profile online.

  • Expertise

    With a network that spans over 70 countries, we can leverage our global expertise to help you invest in suitable investment products that cater to your needs.

  • Report & Review
    Report & Review

    We leverage technology to provide you with regular updates through our consolidated reports on your investments. At your request we conduct Product Performance Review of investment products availed through us and provide detailed market insights.

Product Suite

Choose from a comprehensive range of third-party investment products to meet your ever evolving needs.

Equity Solutions

The Equity product offering includes Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management Services. Know more

Equity Mutual Funds

Equity funds are mutual fund schemes where more than 65% of the investments are done by the fund manager in equity and equity related securities of various companies. However, the returns from these funds are directly linked to the stock market and are more volatile as compared to those from fixed income funds.

Balanced Funds

Balanced funds are mutual fund schemes that invest in equity and debt instruments in varying proportions. These funds supplement capital appreciation from equities with a steady return from debt instruments.

Tax Savings Funds

The Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) as they are popularly known give their investors the option of saving tax while participating in the growth of the capital market. These funds have a lock-in-period of three years.

Equity PMS

Standard Chartered Bank will assist you in investing into third party Portfolio Management Services (PMS) by referring you to reputed Asset Management Companies/ Portfolio Managers. These reputed Asset Management Companies/ Portfolio Managers conduct detailed and scientific analysis of various investment avenues to help you invest your money suiting your customised needs

Fixed Income Solutions

Standard Chartered Bank is a referrer for a wide range of third party Fixed Income products that help you diversify your portfolio and invest in a wide variety of securities in the Fixed Income space. Know more

Short dated securities

This includes Commercial Paper, Bank Certificates of Deposits and Government of India Treasury Bills (Tenors shorter than 1 year)

Long dated securities

This includes Private Sector and Public Sector Corporate Bonds and Government of India securities (Tenors longer than 1 year)

Fixed Income Funds

These funds invest primarily in government and corporate debt. While fund holdings may appreciate in value, the primary objective of these funds is to provide a steady cash flow to investors.

Liquidity Solutions

We offer a wide range of products to help you manage your liquidity needs. Know more

Liquid Mutual Funds

Liquid Funds are mutual fund schemes investing in short-term money market instruments including treasury bills, commercial paper and certificates of deposit.

Fixed Deposits with SCB

We offer a wide variety of deposit options to suit different needs, including Short Term Deposit, Reinvestment Deposit, and Simple Fixed Deposit.

Loans Against Securities

The Loan Against Securities is Standard Chartered Bank's immediate overdraft facility against Shares and Mutual Funds. It offers you a convenient and immediate line of credit just when you want it. What's more, you pay for it only when you actually use it.

Alternate Solutions

Apart from the classic options, the product suit eavailable through us also includes more structured and evolved third-party investment options. Know more

Structured Notes

Rather than the traditional buy-and-hold approach, these third party investment products use derivatives and option strategies to provide structured payouts. Certain structured products also offer the benefit of capital protection subject to certain conditions.

Private Equity Funds

We help you invest in private equity funds by referring you to reputed third party providers. These products can help you to further diversify your portfolio while gaining from the long term benefits of investing in prudently selected securities.

Real Estate Funds

We help you invest in real estate funds of leading fund managers. Unlike direct purchase of property, these funds can participate in the entire life cycle of real estate projects through dedicated experts. These can either be development or yield based.

Foreign Exchange

We have a wide range of Foreign Exchange solutions to cater to your needs. Know more


With our remittance solutions you can transfer money to and receive money from anywhere in the world with abundant ease.

Travel Solutions

FX Prepaid Card and currency notes to meet all the foreign exchange needs of SCB customers, when travelling abroad.

Foreign Currency Cheques

Send money abroad through cheques, payable in foreign currency.

Hedging Instruments

A range of solutions to hedge the Foreign Exchange exposures on your India onshore investments / flows.

Dedicated Treasury Desk

A team of experienced Foreign Exchange dealers cater to your needs. With substantial experience in areas of Foreign Exchange and other Financial Market products this unit assists you with:

  • Assistance on products / services suited to meet your requirements
  • Easy access to market information on currency movements
  • Transaction execution at competitive prices
Dedicated Foreign Exchange Area

To enable a Single Window experience and assist you with all your Foreign Exchange queries and execution, we have set up a specialized FX Desk in key India branches along with the services of a dedicated foreign exchange specialist.




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Mutual Funds and Investments are subject to market risk. Please read all scheme related documents carefully before investing. Product offering may vary depending on availability and suitabilility. For latest list of available products visit your nearest branch or contact your Relationship Manager Standard Chartered Bank is not providing any investment advisory services under the Wealth Proposition. Standard Chartered Bank in its capacity of a distributor of mutual funds or while referring any other third party financial products may offer advice which is incidental to its activity of distribution/referral. Standard Chartered Bank will not be charging any fee/ consideration for such advice and such advice should not be construed as 'Investment Advice’ as defined in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 or otherwise. You can avail of investment advisory services of Standard Chartered Bank only upon (i) executing separate documents with the Investment Advisory Group of Standard Chartered Bank for availing 'Investment Advice' (as defined in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013); and (ii) paying specific fees (if applied by Standard Chartered Bank) for such ‘Investment Advice'. Investments are subject to market risk. Please read Offer documents carefully before investing.