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Take control of your Standard Chartered bank account in a quick, simple & convenient way using our SC Mobile app.

How to access

Download Standard Chartered Mobile application

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Mobile OS
Application Version
Android (apk) 8.26.0
iOS (ipa) 8.26.0

New-age banking experience for your financial freedom

Manage all your banking needs with the SC Mobile app. This gives you the power to transfer funds, pay bills and check account balance even when you are on-the-go. This quick and easy-to-use mobile application simplifies banking for you.

Stay safe and bank from home

Transfer funds, pay bills, check account balance and lots more with the SC Mobile App


  • Yes, we have rebranded Breeze to reflect SC Mobile Banking app.

  • You can use your existing online banking username and password to log in. If you don’t have an online banking Username and password, you can register for online/mobile banking by using Instant Registration by clicking on the ‘Register’ tab on the pre-login side bar. Please insure your mobile number is registered with us to receive an SMS with your temporary password.

  • With the new version of SC mobile app, we are enhancing the client experience by introducing Welcome Screen features on the new home screen. These new features are called ‘Balance View’ and ‘Transaction View’.

  • You can register for these features by logging in to the SC Mobile app using your username and password or Touch ID and then input the OTP received on your registered mobile number. Once you have registered for the feature, you can enjoy the benefits of viewing your banking information by just clicking on the widget on the SC mobile app.

  • It is not mandatory for you to register for the features.

  • In the new version, we are launching pre-login features called Welcome Screen features. We are also introducing device registration that allows a customer to be bound to a device. So, when the customer registers for these new features, his device then acts as a first level authentication to indicate that it is a pre-login without entering his critical/ personal identifying information like touch ID or username/password. When customer clicks on the app and sees the new home screen, he will see the two new widgets called Balances and Transactions.

  • Balance feature gives you a sneak peek into your current balance across the list of banking products you own e.g.: Current accounts, Saving accounts, credit cards, deposits and loans. For accounts/cards, you will be able to view the balances if they have been used at least once in the last six months preceding the date on which you want to view such balances.

  • Transaction feature gives you an overview of your transaction history for the last 30 days across your current/ saving accounts and credit cards.

  • You can enable a maximum of 5 accounts.

  • There is a settings feature available both on the pre-login and post login side bar. You can use that to change the account listing for the feature viewing. You can register for ‘Balances’ and ‘Transactions’ features on only one device at a time.

  • Your account information will be masked and displayed on the widget.

  • For security reasons, we only allow customers to register on one mobile device. If you wish to register on a new mobile device, then your previous device will automatically be de-registered.

  • Given that your banking information is available on the pre-login screen after registration, we advise you not to share your device with anyone. We strongly recommend you protect your phone with a passcode. For more security, tips on how to ensure the safety of your device, please go to the link- https://www.sc.com/global/security-tips/

  • SC Mobile is supported on iPhones with iOS 9 and above and smartphones with Android 4.4 and above

  • Please call on our 24/7 Phone Banking Number and we will assist you in de-registering.

  • We have renamed See to Home to reflect the home page of your post login in the app. Move has been split into two tabs – Transfers and Payments to provide an ease of grouping similar functionalities under the tabs.

  • Yes, they will.

  • You can add payees through SC Mobile Banking by entering the payee details. For security reasons, to complete the registration you are required to enter your Transaction Password (can be set up using Online Banking) and One Time Password that would be sent as an SMS to your registered mobile number with us.

  • The limits on Standard Chartered Mobile Banking is same as that of Online Banking. Login to Online Banking to check the limits applicable to you.

  • The bank does not impose any charges for using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking. However, you would need to pay your mobile phone service provider for the internet usage while accessing Standard Chartered Mobile Banking, depending on your phone plan.

  • Definitely. Standard Chartered Mobile Banking offers the same bank-grade security that you’ve come to expect from us. We use industrial strength encryption to protect you and your data. We want to remind you, however, to always keep your username and password strictly confidential. With your vigilance and our strong encryption, your bank account will be kept safe and secure.

  • Fingerprint/Touch ID login is now available on both iPhone or Android. It  will be available on all iOS devices that use Touch ID and android devices on version 6.0 and above that use fingerprint authentication. In case android device is on version 5.0 and below, then touch login will be available on following Samsung devices only: Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge and Note 4, Note 5, Note Edge, Galaxy A8.

  • If you are an iPhone X user, login using Face recognition is now available.

  • Yes. You need to register for this service.

  • Yes. You can immediately login using fingerprint/Face after successful registration.

  • Yes. You can disable this service from ‘Settings’ menu of SC Mobile. This menu is available in both pre & post login.

  • No. You can only login with Touch/Face Login Service. For transaction, existing 2nd factor of authentication will be used.

  • In such case, you can still download application but touch/face login service will not be available for such customers and you can login by entering user id & password.

  • SC Mobile App will prompt you set to fingerprint/face Id on your device if you click on touch/face login icon.

  • SC Mobile App will accept all fingerprints available on device before Touch login service registration and allow you to login with all fingerprints available on device.

  • SC Mobile App will automatically disable your Touch Login feature on existing application and when you try to login with touch login then application will suggest you to re-register for touch login feature.

  • In such case, SC Mobile App will automatically disable the Touch Login feature for your existing application and when you try to login with touch login then application will suggest you to re-register for touch login feature.

  • In such case, SC Mobile App will automatically disable the Touch/Face Login feature on your existing application and when you try to login with Touch/Face login then application will suggest you to re-register for touch/face login feature.

  • You can register for touch login service on maximum 5 devices