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We are your trusted and dependable international banking partner

Welcome to Standard Chartered Commercial Banking

We focus on helping your business develop a strong international foothold and providing bespoke solutions to meet your business needs in India

Cash Management Services

    • We can help you save time and costs by making your payments process more efficient.

    • Our branch network and technology solutions can help you reduce collection costs through faster collections and reconciliation solutions.

    • We can help you define a customised liquidity management solution that helps you optimise processes, improve strategic decision making and increase your treasury efficiency. With our global experience and on-the-ground market knowledge, we can help you define an overall cash management strategy which incorporates a liquidity management solution that best meets your needs.

    • We offer a variety of accounts, each tailored to your business needs.

Funding your growth

Providing you with business loans, working capital, trade finance with a variety of loan options and credit facilities.

    • Navigate the waters of international trade via our fully integrated channels and global technology platforms.

    • Manage the risks associated with trade flows with our import/export based products and get the assurance that you need.

    • Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, our supply chain finance specialists can customise a solution for you.

    • Extending credit to good customers is sometimes a competitive imperative and very often a growing business means a growing debtor book.

    • We offer a comprehensive range of credit facilities to suit your needs. Our range of offerings include:

      1. Working Capital products and long term financing in both INR & Foreign currency
      2. Leveraged & Structured Solutions
      3. Project Finance
      4. Bonds(Domestic/ Offshore & high yield) and Loan Syndications
      5. Commercial Real Estate Financing

Managing market volatility for your business

Protecting your business from foreign exchange and market fluctuations.

Establishing international networks

Our presence in 27 markets enables us to help you expand and establish yourselves internationally by seamlessly supporting your cross-border payments, trade requirements, investments and wealth needs.

Providing you with the right support

We value our relationship with you and are committed to providing you the highest level of service.

    • Our relationship managers will be able to help you plan your financing requirements and take informed decisions as your business evolves in a fast changing world

    • Our relationship managers are supported by a team of experienced client coverage managers as well as specialists in our extensive offering of products and services. These teams will provide you with the optimal level of service and attention.

    • We are fully committed to providing the highest quality service to our valued clients.


      We have a specialized Client Service team highly proficient in banking services to assist you.


      The team is equipped to handle a wide range of enquiries backed by an advanced integrated enquiry management infrastructure.


      The team is easily accessible through dedicated service hotlines and email ID from anywhere in India.

      Service Hotlines : 1800 266 2888 / 1800 103 2888


      Monday to Friday  – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
      Saturday – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm on
      Service Email ID : straight2bank.in@sc.com

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