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Automated customer contact

As part of our commitment to reduce card fraud, we are using automated SMS technology to alert our customers of potentially fraudulent activity. This allows our customers to confirm whether the identified transactions are genuine by using the mobile phone keypad, or by speaking to a member of our fraud detection team if they suspected fraud.

Please note: this information relates only to Standard Chartered credit card.

To find out more please take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

What is Automated SMS solution?

Standard Chartered Malaysia is introducing a new automated SMS solution to contact customers whose credit card accounts are detected with suspicious transactions requiring cardholders' verification. The device is a supplement to the current practice of manual calling for transaction verification/collections purposes, establishing a faster and more efficient way of customer contact.

If the detected transactions are confirmed as genuine by cardholders, the temporarily blocked account will be re-activated immediately. If customer does not recognize the transaction(s), he/she will be connected to our fraud detection analyst for further dialogue and handling.

Why are we using this service?

This new service is part of our ongoing commitments to reduce credit card frauds and keep abreast of the market practice.

Automated SMS promotes a friendly and undisturbed service to our customers to avoid disrupting and engaging cardholders in phone calls by using SMS instead. Also, the 2-way SMS communication allows cardholders to interact and contact us more conveniently in regard to any suspicious card usage.

What will be the number from which SMS will be sent to customer?

The SMS originator displayed as 62365 in a standard format which most similar to existing SMS sending from iBanking.

Which of telephone number will be used to contact customer?

We will send SMS to customer's mobile number registered in CCMS (Credit Card System) for both sending SMS and making phone calls.

How and when will Standard Chartered Malaysia SMS customer?

Customer will be receiving SMS on his/her mobile number (except recurrent transaction eg Telephone or insurance monthly charges) as and when suspicious transaction detected on his/her credit card. Then a reminder SMS will be sent to customer if he/she has not responded to the 1st initial SMS.

What happens if customer misses the SMS?

Customer will receive reminder SMS on his/her mobile number which requests him/her to respond to the 1st initial SMS. If he/she still does not respond after reminder SMS is sent to him/her, our friendly fraud detection analyst will contact him/her.

Customer may contact SCB Malaysia Call Centre hotline number printed at the back of the credit card if he/she wishes to discuss further on the transaction.

What type of SMS can customer expect?

Interactive SMS which requires a customer to respond via SMS immediately

Example of SMS content:

M2- Single Transaction Alert (2 Way SMS)

RM0.00:STANCHART: ($AMOUNT) was charged to your credit card (LAST 4 DIGIT) on (TRXN DATE) at (MERCHANT NAME). SMS 1 if you made the transaction or 2 if you did not to (REPLY NUMBER).

RM0.00:STANCHART: For your security, we need to verify your transaction. SMS 1 if you made the transaction or 2 if you did not to (REPLY NUMBER) immediately.

How many transactions will be displayed to customer?

There are only 1 type of 2 way SMS to customer

a) Single suspected fraudulent transaction

How can I ensure whether SMS is from Standard Chartered?

Customer can contact our Customer Call Centre at the number printed at the back of the credit card.

What number will customer be asked to call back on?
  • Customer can contact us by simply replying to the SMS for interactive SMS
  • Alternatively customer you may contact our Call Centre hotline number printed at the back of the credit card if he/she wishes to discuss further on the transaction.
How much will it cost customer to respond back?

His/Her subscribed mobile network charge will apply.

What happens to customer's card if he/she doesn't respond on SMS?

Explain to customer that the objectives of this kind of SMS are to identify potential credit card fraud and ensure smooth card usages for customers' interest. However, this is chance to opt-out option to manually exclude his/her mobile number from this automated SMS service.

What information will customer be asked to provide?

For identity verification, customer will be required to answer minimum security questions asked by our fraud detection analyst.

What if customer wants to talk to a fraud detection analyst?

Once customer has validated transactions as unauthorized by replying to the SMS, he/she will receive a call and be transferred to a Fraud Control Officer to discuss further.

What if customer doesn't want to receive this SMS again?

As part of our commitment to combat fraud and protecting interest of our valuable customer, we are using an automated system as it is the quickest way to contact customer with the least inconvenience. However, opt-out option for this service is available to exclude his/her mobile number from receiving suspicious transaction alert SMS.

What if customer mobile number needs to be updated?

Follow existing RCC (Regional Call Centre) mobile phone update procedure:

  • New add mobile phone number in credit card product - i) accept written request or ii) visit SCB branch. Both request will make return call to confirm with genuine customer
  • Change existing mobile phone number - upfront accept by RCC via service hotline and return call to confirm with genuine customer
What if customer has alternative mobile number?

We can indicate the alternative mobile phone number in CCMS but only one registered mobile number will be updated at mobile phone field in the system. This mobile phone number should be the number that we can reach customer conveniently.

What transactions will be included?

Highly suspicious transactions made via internet, at point of sale and ATM withdrawal.

How soon after the card is re-activated can customer resume using the card?

Customer can resume using his/her credit card within a few minutes once confirming transaction(s) displayed in automated SMS system as genuine. Any unsuccessful transaction(s) made prior to such customer's confirmation via SMS needs to be re-processed.

If customer has just re-activated his/her card will Standard Chartered Malaysia send SMS to him/her again if there is another suspected fraudulent transaction?

Similar automated SMS alerts will be sent whenever our system detected suspicious fraudulent transactions.


If for any reason you are not able to retrieve your account statement, please contact customer service at 03-7711 8888

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