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See your money

Use that extra couple of minutes while you wait for the train to check in on your finances with Standard Chartered Mobile. Quick and easy access to your accounts lets you track your money and stay in control.


See Your Money

Stay on top of your monthly bank account activities with Standard Chartered Mobile. Our Calendar helps you monitor your past and future transactions on a weekly or monthly basis.


Tailor how you view your transactions with Standard Chartered Mobile. Our lists allow you to check your available balance and view important details about each transaction on your accounts.

Day and Night WallpaperDay and night wallpaper

Standard Chartered Mobile's intelligent wallpaper changes to match the time, so you can enjoy blue skies and fluffy white clouds during the day and a starry sky at night.

Move your money

Because your time is precious, Standard Chartered Mobile lets you pay bills and make transfers whenever you've got a moment to spare.

Pay Bills on the GoPay bills on the go

No more queuing up at payment machines for your bills. Standard Chartered Mobile lets you settle payments wherever and whenever you want.

Add PayeesAdd payees

Sending money to someone new is quick and easy. No need to go to your branch to fill out forms, Standard Chartered Mobile lets you add payees on the go.

Transfers on the MoveTransfers on the move

Because there are times when you need to make an urgent transfer, Standard Chartered Mobile lets you transfer money between accounts as and when you want.


Move Your Money

Manage your money

Take charge of your finances with Standard Chartered Mobile. We offer a range of simple yet powerful functions that make it easy to monitor and manage your money wherever you are.


Manage Your Money

We help you get started with several wish categories to choose from. Simply name your wish, add a value and a target date, and you're off.

Your savings goals are linked to real money in your Standard Chartered accounts, so you can assign your cash to specific wishes as you deposit it.

Every wishlist item is tracked so you receive updates on how you're doing and whether you need to save more, extend your savings period or are right on schedule.


Never forget a payment again with our reminders, which help you keep track of regular payments as well as future income and expenses.

Easy, Single AccessEasy, single access

No need to remember another username and password for Standard Chartered Mobile. Just log in using the same username and password that you use for online banking or using touch login service.


    • I notice there are See and Move tabs in Standard Chartered Mobile. Tell me more.

      See and Move are just two of SC Mobile's cool features designed to simplify your banking experience. See is where you can view your bank accounts and their transaction history, while Move is where you can make fund transfers and payments. No jargon, just simplicity and efficiency.

    • What's the difference between the transactions highlighted in See and Move?

      See (My Transactions and List) lists out the transactions that have already been posted to your accounts and forward-day transactions that you set via online banking and Standard Chartered Mobile

      Move (See My Transfer History) lists out the transfers and payments you have scheduled or made via online banking and Standard Chartered Mobile

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