Ways to bank

What is Standard Chartered Online banking?

A simple, hassle-free and secured Internet banking services that allows Standard Chartered customers to perform banking transactions through the Internet anywhere and anytime of the day.

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic version of your account statement, delivered directly to your email address.

How much does the eStatements service cost?

There is no fee to enrol or use the eStatements service.

What does SMS mean?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, also known as text messaging. This allows you to send and receive short messages via mobile. The messages can contain up to 160 characters.

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Who are bonds suitable for?
  • Low-risk investment this is especially true for government bonds and high-grade corporate bonds
  • Regular cash payout through coupon payments made annually, semi-annually or quarterly
  • Potentially higher interest rates compared to Fixed Deposit rates
  • Capital appreciation opportunity in addition to regular cash payouts
  • Investment diversification to balance out higher-risk asset classes in your portfolio
What are the benefits of opening a Standard Chartered Foreign Currency Deposit?
  • Save on foreign exchange losses that would arise from the exchange conversion process
  • Get preferential forex rates from our dedicated Retail Treasury Desk Dealers
  • Earn attractive interest rates on your deposits
  • Flexible placement tenures for placing your funds
What is Premium Currency Investment Gold (PCI Gold)?

Premium Currency Investment Gold is a dual investment involving both USD and gold. This investment is non-principal protected, but it offers the investor the opportunity for potentially higher returns.

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What is a MortgageOne™ account?

This is an all-in-one account that combines your loans and deposits into one convenient transactional account.

Who is eligible for MortgageOne™?

All Malaysians who wish to:

  • Buy residential property that is completed or under construction
  • Refinance residential property that is completed
What is KLIBOR?

KLIBOR stands for Kuala Lumpur Inter-Bank Offered Rates. Its interest rates are derived from the activities of borrowing and lending funds between banks.

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Credit cards

What is The Good Life?

The Good Life (TGL) program is Standard Chartered’s privileges program that allows our credit and debit cardholders the enjoyment of best-in-class privileges at popular establishments.

How do I enjoy the privileges?

Simply spend using our credit or debit cards at our participating partners. The list of participating partners can be found at www.sc.com/my/credit-cards/the-good-life-privileges/ . You can even download our TGL mobile application, available on both the App Store and Google Play to enjoy these offers

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