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You may go to sc.com/my on the credit card product page, click on on the apply now button to apply for a card.

You meet the following criteria:

– 21 years old and above
– Income must be min RM24,000 per annum

Card approval will take around 3 to 5 working days from full submission

Chat with us at sc.com/my or visit any branch to find out more.

There will be annual fee, cash advance fee, interest fee, overlimit fee and late payment charges. For more info, please refer to our fee and charges booklet at this link.

Raise an online Service Request and follow the below steps:

“Login to SC Mobile app/Online Banking –> Help & Services –> Other Banking Services –> Other Request –> Write your request”

Note: Approval is subject to Bank’s discretion.

You may refer to your statement for the payment due date or alternatively, you may log into SC Mobile app or Online Banking to check.

Credit card bill payments can be made through the SC Mobile app or through online banking where customer has the choice to pay the statement balance or minimum amount due. You may have the choice as well to make payments of any amount to your credit card amount.

Your credit limit will be updated on the next working day after payment is made.

Any reversals/cashback that is done will offset any current balance that you might have on your credit card.

Step 1: Log in to Online Banking or SC Mobile
Step 2: Under “Help & Services”, select “Card Management”
Step 3: Under “Card Management”, select “Credit Balance Refund”

Refer to step-by-step guidance here for the remaining steps:

Click here for the full list of available Digital Services.

You may log in to SC Mobile app or Online Banking to check your available credit limit.

Increase your credit limit by uploading your latest income documents.

Note: Approval is subject to Bank’s discretion.